Trouts Journal

Winter Carpin’ Quickie

Ivan Orsic / Feb 2, 2016

RIck, Jon and myself decided to take advantage of the near 60 degree day that graced Denver this past Saturday and hit the Denver South Platte for a couple hours before heading to the World Premier of the F3T. We found fish pretty much right off the bat and all managed to get a bend or two in our fly rods. The fish were keyed into worm patterns tied on bead chain eyes and as is always the case with carp fishing, once you found a happy, feeding fish it was pretty much game on.

Aside from having a productive couple hours of carp fishing in January, there were two other pretty cool highlights of the day:

1.) Rick accomplished something that has been over 12 years in the making- successfully landing a mirror carp out of the DSP.

2.) Jon landing his first two carp ever on the fly- on his first day ever carp fishing I might add. (Rick and I both told him he needed to go buy a lottery ticket afterward.)

While the Winter months certainly won't provide you with the most consistent opportunities to catch carp on the fly, when the conditions decide to lean in your favor it can still provide enough action to give the itch a solid scratchin'.

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