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In-Store Presentation | "Euro Nymphing for the Euro-Curious"



Friday, March 20, 2020 (all day)


Tight lines?

As we mentioned on Saturday, we've made the decision to move all of our in-store presentations to the virtual format for the forseeable future. In the interest of caution during these unprecedented times, the in-store portion of Russell Miller's upcoming presentation covering all things European Nymphing has been canceled. Instead, make sure you're subscribed to our YouTube channel, for we will be publishing his presentation there on Friday - March, 20th.

It'll be on the internet on FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY MARCH, 20TH!

Curious about what Russell Miller will be covering? Check out the brief summary below.

Umpqua Feather Merchants' Director of Marketing & Team USA Fishing Member, Russell Miller, will be blessing our YouTube channel with his presence to give a virtual presentation on Euro Nymphing. That's right! Do you want to catch more fish? We sure do! Russ will be waxing poetic about all things Euro Nymphing - presentation for those fickle trout, the theory behind euro nymphing, how to rig a dang euro rod, euro knots, and much more.

Never heard of Russ? Follow the link to watch Russ star in our January 2020 Five Flies!

Topics to be discussed: Rigging, fly selection, approach, reading water, knots, euro rig dry flies (say what??), & much more.

photo credits: Jakob Burleson

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