Fishing Information

South Platte River - 11 Mile Canyon

69 cfs
5 mph
33 °F
Weather @SOUTH PLATTE BASIN - Updated April 08, 2020 - 2:29pm

Current River Flow Updates

Latest update: 4/8/2020 -- 11 Mile canyon is currently at 74.3 CFS. We are beginning to see sporatic Baetis hatches. The fishing is already great, but we expect it to get better. You should go into fishing 11 Mile Canyon with the mentality of going small and sparse. This goes for not only flies, but leader, tippet, tippet rings, split shot, and indicators. The more stealth you have, the more fish you catch. One of the greatest benefits of low flows is the ability to more effectively sight fish. If you can see the fish and its behavior(feeding, holding, advantageous feeding, etc.) you have a much greater chance of hooking the fish. For the next few weeks of fishing at 11 Mile, our top flies for nymphing include the Top Secret Midge, Black Beauty, Tailwater Tiny, Mighty Midge, Bling Midge, RS2, Mercury Baetis and a WD40 in sizes #18-#22. Top producing dry flies include Parachute Adams, Adams, Griffiths Gnat, I-Wan-E Dun and a Sparkle Dun in sizes #18-#22. If you are Euro nymphing use the flies listed above as droppers and add a jigged Frenchie or your choice of Perdigon as a point fly. Feel free to call the shop for more information on 11 Mile Canyon.

River Information

11 Mile Canyon is one of Colorado's most famous trout fisheries in every way possible. As a fishery that boasts more than 3,000 fish per mile and is known as one of the most scenic stretches of the South Platte River, you can assume that these trout are seeing some sort of angling pressure 365 days a year. The rainbow trout, brown trout, and cutthroat trout that call this river home are not the easiest fish to entice. Make sure you have a large assortment of small midges and baetis patterns for the winter months and shoulder seasons. Summertime in the canyon can produce some of the most abundant dry fly hatches you will ever see in your lifetime. No matter what time of year you will be fishing 11 mile canyon, tippet selection will make or break your success. Small tippet sizes for both nymph fishing and dry fly fishing will increase your chances of fooling these fish to eat a fly. One of the biggest keys to success in the canyon is your eyes. Make sure to have a good pair polarized sunglasses and use sight fishing to your advantage.

Seasonal Conditions

In the Summer Months, 11 Mile Canyon sees an abundance of bug life with key hatches being midges and baetis. Dry fly fishing can be lights out in the warm months so always be prepared with a large assortment of dry flies. Moving into the colder months and dead winter the fish turn to mostly small midges. Nymphing 20-26 midges is the ticket in those cold months.

Additional River Information

South Platte River below 11 Mile Reservoir

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  • Flow 69 cfs
  • Wind 5 mph
  • Temp 33 °F
  • High/Low 54/29

River access

To get to 11 mile Canyon you take US 24 until you hit Lake George, then you will go south on CR 96 and follow the signs to 11 Mile Canyon.

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