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Fishing Information

South Platte River - Dream Stream

68 cfs
19 mph
59 °F
Weather @SOUTH PLATTE BASIN - Updated June 29, 2020 - 9:43am

Current River Flow Updates

Latest Update: 6/29/2020 --

Flows above 11 Mile Res. are currently at 287 CFS. Nymph fishing is still the most productive method this time of year, so be sure your box is filled with a solid variety of patterns/sizes. Tandem rigs leading with SJ worms, mini leeches, and egg patterns are the ticket. Trailer caddis/baetis patterns in sizes #18-20 are great options too. Buckskins, radiation baetis, & Juju Baetis are a few of our favorites in above said sizes. Large dry dropper rigs will get some attention too. Throw foam hoppers with baetis or caddis droppers along the overhanging grass on the banks. Expect to see plenty of angling pressure this time of year on the Dream- common sense and courtesy goes a long way.

River Information

This section of the South Platte runs through a large meadow between Spinney and 11 Mile Reservoirs. The Dream Stream is roughly 3 miles of public trout water with average fish in the 14-18" range with fish over 20" not uncommon. At times of the year, much larger fish enter the system from 11 Mile Reservoir. Due to the location of this stretch, it can take on some nasty winds and quick weather changes, be prepared.

Seasonal Conditions

Throughout the Spring and Summer, this river fishes great with all types of applications. Dries in either terrestrial or smaller specific dries can be extremely effective in the warmer months. Nymphing will take fish year round. Streamers can be a great time on those overcast or poor weather days. In winter this river is still very alive, but it is a nymph fisherman's game. Small midges and baetis are the ticket in those low, clear and cold waters of winter. In the fall and spring please be mindful of fish on redds. Although it can be very tempting to cast to a trout over 24" in a foot of water please skip those and hit the deep pools and runs adjacent to them (hint: there is likely just as large or larger trout hanging in those deep sections).

Additional River Information

South Platte River below Spinney Reservoir (Dream Stream)

SOUTH PLATTE BASIN River Gauge View Detailed Information

  • Flow 68 cfs
  • Wind 19 mph
  • Temp 59 °F
  • High/Low 60/27

River access

There are 5 locations to park at the Dream Stream. The most popular is going to be right at the river crossing on Thirtynine Mile Road. For this just keep an eye out on the right, just before crossing the river. There are two more lots just after crossing the river on Spinney Mountain Access Road for the upper reaches of the river. The last two are in state parks and require a park pass or daily fee. You can enter the uppermost reaches of the river through Spinney Mountain State Park or the lowest reaches in 11 Mile State Park by the inlet.

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