Airflo Ridge Supple Tactical Clear Fly Line

Airflo Ridge Supple Tactical Clear Fly Line

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Product Overview:

Now available in a clear version, those wary trout won't see you coming!  Though perhaps not for everybody, nor every fishing condition this line is a fantastic option for the angler that spends his or her time chasing elusive trout on long leaders and extra fine tippets.  This line will clearly give you the upper hand.


Product Description

Combining Ridge Supple Technology, power core and a wicked taper design makes this the ultimate all round trout line in our range.  So whether you're pitching bead heads into riffled water or gently landing spent caddis in a distant foam line, this line will get the job done.  Our low profile, precision welded loops make rigging a breeze - you'll find them on both ends.


  • Taper: Tactical Trout is a general presentation line.
  • Core: Power Core creates less stretch, which translates to faster more positive hook sets.
  • Coating: Ridge Ultra Supple.  This has a very broad range for temperature tolerances.  It won't coil in the cold or wilt in the heat.
  • Available in line sizes: WF3F-WF6F
  • Available Colors: Clear


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