Douglas Outdoors

A leading industry engineering and design team have gotten together with a legendary conservation family to bring a fresh approach to the building of fishing rods and reels. Douglas Outdoors did not evolve from a pre-existing enterprise. It is an entirely new initiative, bringing together the most experienced practitioners to found a fresh legacy of new tackle that pushes both the science and practice of angling. Douglas Outdoors will apply the same diligence and innovation to all its enterprises. Rod and reel design, customer service and our merchandizing programs will bring an improved product and partner to the water and to the fishing business.

The Douglas Outdoors Warranty

The Douglas Outdoors Warranty has been designed for all of our rods and reels. No matter the reason, Douglas wants to repair your damaged equipment for you to ensure you’re future enjoyment with us on the water.

Fly Rod Warranty: The warranty is applicable for the lifetime of the original owner only. The benefits of the warranty may not be assigned by the original owner to another party. A $35 handling/return postage charge to be applied (per claim).

Fly Reel Warranty: All Douglas fly reels are covered by the warranty. Return your broken reel to Douglas Outdoors. A $25 service and shipping fee will be charged for each reel. In the event the reel requires special service above and beyond the warranty, the owner will be contacted and quoted a price for repairing the reel.

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2 Item(s)