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Nautilus Fly Reels X-Series and CCFX2

Nautilus Fly Fishing Reels Deliver Performance

Nautilus Fly Reels deliver one of the highest performance, maintenance free, fully sealed drag system fly reels on the market. The Nautilus sealed drag keeps saltwater out and provides a consistent, reliable drag operation fish after fish. We here at Trouts absolutely love our Nautilus Fly Reels and have taken our Nautilus reels around the globe. These reels ARE the real deal. Nautilus Fly Reels come in a variety of cool designs to meet every anglers taste.

Nautilus X-Series Reels, NV Reels, FWX Reels, CCF-X2 Reels and Spools

Trouts Fly Fishing is proud to be the largest Nautilus fly reels dealer in the Rocky Mountain West. Whether you're looking for a Nautilus FWX or Nautilus CCF-X2, or the new Nautlius X-Series Fly Reel, we are almost guaranteed to have it in stock in our shop and ready to ship within 24 hours. Here's the direct links to some of our favorites

Nautilus X-Series Fly Reels | Nautilus FWX Fly Reels | Nautilus CCF-X2 Fly Reels | Nautilus NV-G Fly Reels

When you visit the Nautilus Fly Reels factory in Miami, you encounter dedication amplified by passion, diligence fueled by tradition, and generations of experience with machinery. At Nautilus Reels, angler innovators will share with enthusiasm their cutting-edge advancements in fly fishing reel design and manufacturing in light of “Tested on Animals™” research and development with fly-targeted species from steelhead in British Columbia to trout in Montana to tarpon not far from the Nautilus camp.

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22 Item(s)