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Hardy Fly Fishing

Hardy Ultralite Fly Rod
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Hardy Bouglé Fly Reel
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Hardy Zane Carbon Fly Reel
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Hardy Ultralite LL Fly Rod
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Hardy Brothers 150th Anniversary LW Fly Reel
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Hardy Ultralite X Fly Rod
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Hardy Ultraclick UCL Fly Reel
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Hardy Wide Spool Perfect Fly Reel
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Hardy Marquis LWT Fly Reel
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Hardy Ultradisc UDLA Fly Reel

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HARDY Greys Rod Repair
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Hardy Ultralite NSX SR Fly Rod
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When an angler thinks of Hardy Fly Fishing Goods, two terms come to mind. Quality and Craftsmanship. Since the company's inception in 1872, Hardy has done nothing but improve and be innovative in both fly reels and fly rods - all while maintaining the same quality and craftsmanship the company was founded on. That is why we are excited to offer Hardy Fly Fishing Good again here at Trouts Fly Fishing.

A few years after the company's founding, William Hardy, a gunsmith from Alnwick England set out to design and build the company's first fly reel, The Perfect. At the time, The Perfect was the standard for all other fly reels. The quality and craftsmanship found in Hardy's The Perfect could not be matched at the time and remains their flagship product today. Even today in the world of ultramodern fly reels, when held in hand, The Perfect (which is still proudly made in Alnwick England) can transport the angler to those famed chalk streams of Albion.

While Hardy Fly Fishing Goods garnered a global reputation for its deep vintage fly reel catalog, it remains far from complacent. With the release of their highly sought-after dry fly rods and euro nymphing rods, Hardy continues to be a brand that excels in the overall fly fishing space. Especially in terms of fly reels.

While much of Hardy's history comes from their famed Hardy fly reels, the company has made some serious innovations in the fly rod space in recent years. In 2009, the company started rolling fly rod blanks with a new technology called SINTRIX. Upon receiving some of the first blanks rolled with SINTRX, Hardy's rod manufacturers noticed considerable increases in the fly rod's strength and impact resistance. The strength in the rods was so profound that Hardy requested the machine performing the test be re-calibrated. After it was re-calibrated, the numbers stayed the same. Astonished by what they had just seen, Hardy knew they were on to something big. With a fly rod that was 60% stronger than their original calculations suggested, Hardy began to use SINTRX technology in its fly rod production. Today SINTRIX technology can be found in both the Ultralite and Ultralite LL fly rods, to name a few.

Since 2009 Hardy has improved its SINTRX fly-rod technology. Today Hardy is pleased to offer three district levels of SINTRX technology performance.


Fly rods with SINTRIX 330 have shown a 30% increase in comprehensive fly rod strength


Fly rods with SINTRIX 440 technology have shown up to a 60% increase in comprehensive fly rod strength and 30% decrease in fly rod weight when compared to traditional carbon fiber fly rods.


Fly rods with SINTRIX 550 technology have shown up to a 60% increase in comprehensive strength with 30% decrease in fly rod weight when compared to traditional carbon fiber fly rods. in addition, anglers will notice an increased stiffness (15%) when compared to fly rods made with SINTRIX 440.

The SINTRIX technology found in Hardy's fly rods can be broken down into three words. Power. Performance. Refinement. Over the years, Hardy has improved their product line from fly reels to fly rods, and today they are known to have some of the finest fly rods on the market. A few of our Trouts Denver Staff members were able to play around with a couple of fly rods from Hardy and gave us a few of their initial impressions.

Since 1891, Hardy has driven innovation in the fly reel space and recently, the fly rod space as well. Known for making some of the most pre-eminent fly reels of its age; Hardy is a brand Trouts is excited to have on the shelves once again. When you decide to purchase a fly rod or fly reel with Hardy's brand name, you are purchasing a high-quality, high-performance product designed to excel above the rest.

Whether you are looking to purchase their famed click and pawl reels, their newest disc-drag reel, or test their SINTRIX technology, look no further than Trouts Fly Fishing for all of your Hardy needs. Remember that when you purchase a fly rod from Trouts, you are treated with the Trouts Signature Fly Rod Service*, exclusive to Trouts customers. In addition to Trouts Signature Fly Rod Service, if you happen to opt for a fly reel, we have all of your fly line needs covered as well. We are excited to have Hardy fly gear on our shelves once again and, we hope you are too.

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