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Scientific Anglers Toothy Fish Wire Leaders

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The perfect leader for those sharp-toothed species.
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Product Description

  • 7.5’ tapered leader aids in smooth turnover of larger flies
  • Abrasion-resistant leader material holds up to harsh conditions
  • Premium Knot 2 Kinky nickel titanium wire section is super straight, ultra kink-resistant, and 100% corrosion proof
  • Rock-solid snap closure that won’t open while fighting fish



  •  Specs:
    7.5’ 20LB tapered AR leader
    15” 25LB single-strand titanium
    Size 2 Stay-Lok Snap

     7.5’ 20LB tapered AR leader
    15” 45LB single-strand titanium
    Size 3 Stay-Lok Snap

Length7.5 ft


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