Rio Powerflex Tippet - 30 yrd

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A high tenacity copolymer with excellent knot strength, abrasion-resistance, stretch and suppleness.
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Product Description

RIO Powerflex Tippet is a high knot strength copolymer nylon tippet that features superb knot strength, stretch and suppleness to make this the finest nylon tippet for almost all trout fly fishing needs. Powerflex tippet has a PTFE coating that makes knots slide up super tight, without damaging or crinkling up the material. It is a light grey color that enhances its camouflage ability on the water. Available from 8X to 50 lb, Powerflex is ideal for all species.


  • Made from co-polymer PTFE coating
  • The light grey color enhances its camouflage ability on the water
  • Available from 8x to 60lb
  • Ideal for all species

Customer Reviews

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Peter S.
Quality tippet

RIO is my favorite brand to buy leaders and tippets. Their tippets are strong and easy to access. The spools clip together so you can have multiple different sizes all clipped together and organized. Great product. Tip: I go through a lot of 5x and 6x so I buy the 100 yard spools for those.

RIo Powerflex get your fly on the water

Excellent tippet save you from going out buying leaders. Plus if you put a surgeon knot on the end of your leader and on your tippet went your tippet get short just replace it with another one save you some time from putting a new leader on keeps you fishing longer on the water.

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