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Drum Beater

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The Umpqua Drum Beater is the work product of Umpqua Signature Tier Scott Davis.  Originally tied for Redfish, the Drum Beater has tallied up a notable list of species caught including bonefish and permit.  The equivilent to a fresh water attractor patter, this fly depending on the color will entice most any saltwater species.
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Product Description

Destination: Louisiana, Flats

Color: Black/chartreuse, Black/purple, Olive/pink, Tan/orange, White/purple

Size: 02


The Drum Beater was designed primarily for Redfish, but it works equally well on sea trout, flounder, and recently smallmouth bass. It has also taken Florida bonefish and I have shown it to a few permit with a good response. However, Permit and I don't really see eye to eye as they are my "white whale." I was looking for a fly that could be left still on the bottom and still have movement. Hence the rabbit strips. The original color was the olive and pink– olive to match the local Spartina grass and the pink to grab attention. The fiddler crabs have splashes of color and I think the contrasting body and the flash (which only shows as the rabbit moves since it's tied underneath) seals the deal. Fiddler crab, will try to use their camouflage and hide as opposed to fleeing. This is where the Drum Beater shines. Do not strip the fly for tailing redfish– let it sit still and it looks like a crab trying to burrow down into the bottom. Let the rabbit do what it does best underwater, breathe. The sculpin wool for the body works best since it retains some water and sinks much better than the other materials. It also creates a "whole" body as opposed to the segmented look you get with poly yarns. The fly has changed very little since I started tying it: heavier weed guards and new color patterns are the extent of its evolution.


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