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Apply floatant to fly, then use your fingers to work floatant into the body and hackle of the fly. For best results coat your fly with Aquel, then shake in Top Ride fly dryer and floatant for the highest and longest float possible. Try some and find out why people who fish for a living use Aquel.

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Product Description

This premium gel floatant is the world's best fly floatant. Aquel is long lasting, silicon based and won't melt when its hot or harden when it's cold. Furthermore, it masks human odor and won't leave any slick on even calmest water. (Pronounced "ahh kwel").

How to Use:

Prior to first cast, apply desired amount of Aquel to fly. Use fingers to work Aquel into hair and hackle. If fly becomes water logged, use powder desiccant to dry, then reapply.


  • Premium dry fly gel floatant
  • Temperature stable
  • Silicon based
  • Will not leave oil slick water
  • Official floatant of Fly Fishing Team USA
  • Masks human scent
  • Available in 1/2oz or 4oz


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kathleen Rooney
Great product

It’s true what they say, Loon Aquel Floatant keeps its consistency despite high and low temperatures. No body likes splooging there floatant all over, so wasteful. Whatever they did, it works and I’ll keep buying it.

Andrew Norris
High and Dry

This is my go to floatant. No need to re-apply.

Carter Chumley
Gets the job done everytime

I was a dry floatant user for a while - but this won me over very quickly. It has lasted longer than I expected; each time I pull it out I expect to finish it up after the day of fishing - but you really only need a tiny bit of it to get that fly up again. Great product.

Paul Muller
Is there anything better?

Consistent and clean. Coat the fly early and it will float all day. Reapplying over a wet fly, not as effective. Solid product, one small tube seems to last forever.

Great product!

I aquel any dry I use before it touches the water. It’s great stuff! It keeps my flies afloat for plenty of cast before I apply dry shake to it. Must have!

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