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Umpqua Radiation Baetis

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Umpqua's Radiation Baetis, pattern by Shea Gunkel.
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Product Description

"I believe fish eat flies for three reasons.
*Profile: Does it look like food?
*Size: Are you matching the size of the naturals in the system (or close enough)?
*Color: Depending on the depth you're presenting your flies, how is the light index manipulating what the fish sees?
The Radiation Baetis addresses each of these questions. Marry this with one of the sharpest and strongest hooks on the market, you get a fly that has been wrecking fish worldwide long before its commercial inception. When Umpqua asked me for some samples of the purple version we had talked about earlier in the year, it was just a quick stop into my guide boxes and they were in the mail. Purple has long been a confidence color of mine and those around me, and the addition of this color to the lineup just makes sense. From picky tailwaters to my home freestones, the Radiation Baetis will continue to have its place somewhere on my rig." - Signature Tyer Shea Gunkel 


  • Barbed hook


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