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Umpqua Mopsicle

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Umpqua Mopsicle by Andrij Horodysky.

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Product Description

Dr. Andrij Horodysky is an Associate Professor with specialization in game-fish sensory ecology and fisheries conservation topics including post-release survival in recreational fisheries. Andrij’s research career has ranged from chasing marlin around the Caribbean’s high seas with high-tech satellite tags, flashing lights at fish eyes and sounds at fish ears, and rigging security cameras, beauty mirrors, and yoga mats to measure fish temperature preferences. He has nurtured a burning desire since his first bluegill at age three to learn HOW fishes work – what variables drive their movements, what they eat and how it changes in space and time, how they see and what they hear, and how he can get the edge on his fishing partners. Inspired by the creative mastery of Mercer, Burke, Popovics, Craven, Chocklett, and Barr, Andrij approaches fly design like he approaches his career as a fisheries scientist – thinking intensely from the fish’s perspective.


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