Tucker Ladd - Owner

Tucker Ladd was born and raised in Colorado. For Tucker, fly fishing is more than just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle that keeps him close to nature and the natural world. Tucker fly fishes for the camaraderie it brings with friends and family. Fly fishing has become an activity that brings peace and relaxation to his life and is something he tries to share with every person he meets.

In addition to owning Trouts Fly Fishing, Tucker is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the American Fly Fishing Trade Association. 

“I am not only proud to become the AFFTA Chairman, but I am honored to be the first retailer to ever hold this position.  This is a testament of the commitment to the retail base of our industry by the current Board of Directors, as well as AFFTA as a whole.  I have always believed that retailers are the life-blood of our sport and industry, and I am excited to have the opportunity to represent this segment of our trade group.  2014 will undoubtedly be an exciting year for AFFTA, and I am looking forward to helping drive our trade group to new levels of success, relevancy and growth"

Rick Mikesell - General Manager

Rick Mikesell, a Colorado Native, began working at Trouts Fly Fishing in June of 2010.  If you have a question about equipment, flies or gear – regardless of how technical – Rick will have an answer and most likely a pointed opinion.  In addition to fishing for trout in the higher elevations of Colorado, Rick is often found chasing a wide range of species in Colorado including pike, muskie, bass and carp. 

“Fishing is a constant challenge," said Rick. "On the water, all of the complications and nuisances of life disappear and all that is left is a very real connection with the grandeur and complexity of the natural world - it is never boring or the same. Nature always has a new set of variables and new challenges to offer.”

Tanner Smith - Regional Store Manager (Denver)

A native of Colorado Springs, Tanner literally grew up in the river with a fly rod in his hand. His dad introduced he and his brother to fly-fishing at a very young age and since that day, Tanner's passion for the sport -and particularly hunting down big fish in small waters with dry flies- is what keeps him motivated to spend every second possible on the water. A connoisseur of all-night drives, crazy road trips, luke-warm PBR, and the Denver Broncos, it's tough to say what river you might find Tanner and his dog Gus on during his free time.

Ivan Orsic - Brand & Marketing Manager

Ivan Orsic was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. He grew up fishing for sunfish and bass out of a blow-up, heavily patched A&W Root Beer raft with Panther Martins. Prior to moving to Colorado, Ivan cut his fly fishing teeth while living in Western Montana in his 20s. There aren't many things Ivan likes more than an aggressive streamer eat or fishing huge dry flies to willing brown trout. When he’s not on the water, you might find Ivan relaxing in his backyard cracking a cold High Life with his wife, Maggie, daughter, Mila and dog, Bosley.

Dave Lovell - Outfitting & Education Manager

As a native of Colorado, Dave has been fly-fishing for more than 30 years, and has fished throughout the United States and internationally.  As a Certified Casting Instructor, he thoroughly enjoys instructing and building rapport with customers of all skills and abilities.  Dave's passion, and humor make for a memorable days on the water for anyone who fishes with this accomplished guide.

Jon Kirk - Assistant Manager

Jon was born and raised in the great state of Texas. He was avid about hooking into largemouth bass in local ponds and flounder giggin’ in the gulf coast in his pre-fly days. Enter 8wt. Jon received his first rod at the age of Twenty-two and fishing would never be the same. Although a recent convert, he has discovered a treasured passion and lifelong pursuit in the sport of fly fishing.

When not on the water, you can find Jon spending time with his wife Emily exploring the city of Denver and the wilderness that ensues beyond the city limits,

“Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." -Henry David Thoreau

Zeke Hersh - Regional Outfitting Manager, Trouts Frisco

Growing up in Washington state, Zeke fell in love with fishing at an early age. Fly fishing engaged him after watching a Steelhead angler fly cast on early morning bike rides to school. For a summer, he was a daily visitor at the local fly shop, quickly absorbing as much information as he could.  Zeke loves to break down the technical aspects of fly fishing and fish tendencies to find the best and most effective methods for success. An ever-patient instructor, lover of the outdoors, and teacher of the art, science, and wonder of fly fishing is what motivates Zeke to continue to further educate himself and others about the sport he loves.