Down but not out in the Louisiana Marsh

By: Oct 18, 2014 | Author: Tucker Ladd
Here I will provide the cliff notes version of the trip.  We had 4 days of fishing planned, and only three of these days provided good weather.  The water in the marsh resembled that of a clogged toilet, dirty and brown, providing less than ideal sight fishing conditions (which happen to be highly necessary for good Redfishing).  Our saving grace came in the form of a 24' bay boat, which provided us access to the vast expanse of the Gulf of Mexico.  Bait, beer, 12wts,...

Trouts 1st Annual Cornhole Tournament Is A Wrap!

By: Aug 19, 2014 | Author: Kyle Wilkinson
Last Thursday, with the generous help of Simms Fishing Products, Trouts Fly Fishing's 1st Annual Cornhole Competition went off with wild success. We already knew many of our customers had insane fishing skills....but little did we know, many could also be deemed cornhold aficionados. In conjunction with the tournament, we had an end of season clearance sale where many customers walked away with some seriously good deals on quality Simms fishing gear. Prizes for the event were as follows-...

Notable Photos of 2014

By: Aug 17, 2014 | Author: Tucker Ladd
Here are some of our favorite shots from the year 2014.  While far from over, it has been a great year of fishing, many memories have been made, great fish caught, and new friends have been met.

IFTD 2014

By: Jun 12, 2014 | Author: Erik Myhre
We had an awesome time at IFTD this year in Orlando, FL. Here are a few pictures that we snapped.