And the Winner Is….

Dec 07, 2012

Author: Tucker Ladd

Trout's Fly Fishing is proud to announce the winner of this year's "Best of 2012" fly fishing photo contest.  Drum roll please....

Trout’s Fly Fishing would like to congratulate Justin Hamblin (AKA “jchambone” in the instragram world) for winning the “Best of 2012” fly fishing photo contest.  Justin's Grand Prize?  A brand new fishpond Sling Pack worth $149.95!

This image grabbed our attention out of the gate, our friends at fishpond agreed, and it also had overwhelming support and votes on our blog. Justin was gracious enough to share the entire six frame series - jaw dropping. His original photo spoke to a lot of people and we’d like to thank everyone who contributed photos and provided input and feedback.

Trout’s would like to thank fishpond for contributing our grand prize and helping us wade through all of the photos sent our way.

Please keep posting your images to #troutsflyfishing on instagram when you are out on the water.  We have a great time keeping track of what you are up to.

If you have any questions for Justin about how this sequence was shot or have any comments please post them here on our blog! 


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