Fish On! Urban Carp Extravaganza TR

Jul 23, 2012

Author: Tucker Ladd

The temperature: 102 degrees

The sky: clear blue


The sun: high and scorching 


The fish: present and accounted for



The exchange:


Michael Gracie (MG): “You see the fish?”


Greg Moran (GM): “Yup.”


MG: “Can you make that cast between the two trees?”


GM: “Yup.”


Prior to this Michael and Greg had spent some time talking about carp feeding behavior and the body language of a fish that will eat a fly vs. the body language of a fish that most likely will not participate. 




As they stood high on the top of a thirty foot bank and looked at a pod of fish, they thought they had found a player.  


After two or three false casts Moran punched out a a forty foot cast and let the Egan’s Headstand drop into the water.


MG: “Perfect.  Great shot.  Strip it twice.  Let it sit... strip it....wait... he’s on it.”




Moran strip-set the fish and lifted his rod tip and the big carp immediately took off.  The spool on the Redington Delta 7/8 hissed and line peeled off the reel. 



The fish quickly barreled across the wide river and then held in the current for a few seconds.  It then turned back toward the bank and high-tailed it back toward the angler.  Greg reeled fast in effort to keep the line tight.



MG: “OK, let’s get down the water and land this thing.  You good with that?”


GM: “Yup.”


Guide and angler quickly slid down the sand bank, Greg reeled furiously the entire time in effort to keep the fish tight and secure.  After a few more bull dogging runs the fish came to hand.  



The Urban Carp Extravaganza was on. 


We plan to post a full trip report and more photos from the day once we’re fully recovered.  A big thanks to everyone who joined in on the fun, fishing, and adventure.  



If you are interested in a private fly fishing trip for carp on Denver’s South Platte River give the shop a call and we’ll set you up.  




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