Gear Review: Sage ONE Spey

Oct 01, 2012

Author: Tucker Ladd

Greg Thomas from Angler’s Tonic and Fly Rod & Reel gives us a fresh-from-the-water-gear-review from Canada’s Gaspe Peninsula. Greg was able to field test the Sage ONE spey rod.  

“I’m not a great Spey caster. Some days I have it going and other days I don’t. In fact, my talents seem to change by the hour—one moment I’ll be in control, not forcing the issue, taking time for the D loop to form and launching rockets; the next I might have the Scandi head wrapped around my neck…”

“But that happens, I can tell you, less frequently when using this new One Spey rod.  It just has an awesome action that really allows anglers to bomb long casts while offering solid control…”

Read the entire review here.


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