Guide Shack: Rodent-Eating Brown Trout at Deckers

Aug 21, 2017

Author: Ivan Orsic

A Deckers Surprise!

Trouts Guide Service Professional Guide Austin Manthey returned from his guide trip at Deckers on Friday with a little story to tell.

"Steady fishing all day long on Mercury Black Beauties. Literally caught 90% of our fish on them.. picked up a few others on Olive Biot Baetis, Chocolate Foamwings, and Mercury Miracle Midge. Highlight of the day was the 19" brown that threw up the 4-5" vole in my net."

There are certainly times when the fish from Deckers require a technical presentation, light tippet and small flies. Austin's story serves as a friendly reminder that trout are opportunisitic feeders, no matter how technical the fishery. This is probably a good time for me to let you know that we are fully stocked with various sizes of mouse flies. Come down to the shop to talk about throwing mouse flies.


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