The New Hatch Finatics Gen 2s are Here!

Aug 15, 2017

Author: Ivan Orsic

In those hometown colors, BLACK & GOLD!

We are extremely excited to have the Hatch Finatic Generation 2 Fly Reels in stock. The Hatch Finatic has been an industry standard for years. Durable, versatile and dependable performer, the Finatic has graced many an anglers rod over the years. This Gold/Black color combination is the first we've seen from this 2nd Generation of Hatch Finatics. Improvements to the Finatic Generation 2 include new glare-free, standard "mist" finish, increased porting to decrease reel weight, a new crank and counterbalance assembly, new lip seal for increased durability, new one-way clutch bearing jacket to reduce drag slip, and new sealed internal bearing for increased durability and drag consistency. Essentially, Hatch has fine-tuned the Finatic to make it all the more durable, fail-safe and dependable. Hatch tweaked the Finatic to make it better. It's hard to believe it could be done, but Hatch did it. The new Finatic Generation 2 is available in the 4 Plus, 5 Plus, 7 Plus, and 9 Plus.

Check out the new Hatch Finatic Generation 2 HERE!


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