Trouts Guide Service Report: 12/2

Dec 02, 2015

Author: Kyle Wilkinson

The good times keep on long as you've remembered to bring a few extra layers of clothing. 

Fishing remains strong along the Front Range and the Guide Trips are still rolling in. In typical late fall/early winter fashion, the best action is showing itself during the midday hours. Also in typical late fall/early winter fashion, it's not taking much more than Eggs/Worms/Baetis/Midges to get fish consistently into our Guides nets. Our primary destinations have been the Dream Stream and Deckers lately and its tough to say which has been fishing bettter, as both have been very productive. The fish have moved moved to their wintering zones by now, so make sure to cover alot of ground throughout the day as there is a lot of empty/unproductive water between the good areas. Focus on the deep green buckets, as well as the shallower perimeter areas adjacent to them, and you should be set!

Looking to get out and learn more about winter fishing yourself? We offer guided trips 365 days a year and our Half Day and Best Of Day Trip Options are perfect for this time of year when the temps are low and the daylight is limited!


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