Trouts Guide Service Report: 9/8

Sep 08, 2015

Author: Kyle Wilkinson

The late summer/early fall fishing has been fantastic lately!

Even though our busiest month of the year is 8 days behind us at this point, fishing has remained been on the minds of countless customers. We've still got trips going out daily and the fishing is seeming to get better by the week. The summer hatches are showing signs of winding down, however it's still pretty buggy out there most days- enough so at least that the fish are open to eat a wide variety of dry flies (which I think by now everyone knows is my preference). Hoppers, Caddis, Blue Wing Olives, Pale Morning Duns and even basic attractor patterns- in both surface and subsurface offerings are all finding their way into many a trout's mouth. I haven't had anyone on a recent trip who was dead set on throwing streamers, but I'd imagine some small to medium sized bunny fur twitched off the bank would put a bend in your rod

The nights are getting cooler (my truck showed 38 degrees at the Dream Stream the other morning) and a look at the 10 day forecast on shows 70's and 80's for Denver.....I can only imagine it'll be even more pleasant up in the hills. Pretty darn pleasant conditions to catch a fish in if you ask me. 

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Want to know more? Be sure to check out the Guide's Playbook to Late Summer/Early Fall

As always, have fun out there and let us know what we can do to make your time on the water as productive and enjoyable as possible!


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