Winter Fishing Tactics

Dec 10, 2012

Author: Tucker Ladd

The snow that fell this past weekend on this mountain pass will be the source of flows for the Blue River and the Colorado River next year.

It feels like we might have finally made the seasonal switch to winter here in Colorado.  It was fun while it lasted, but fishing in short sleeves in December was starting to get a little weird.  Now that we’ve made the turn into the colder months, we’re going to share some solid tactical information to help make your fishing more enjoyable and productive.

Our pals over at Field & Stream’s Fly Talk, Kirk Deeter and Tim Romano, posted this tip on fly line maintenance in the winter.  Sometimes, it can be the little things that stand in between catching fish… and not catching fish.

Winter Flyfishing: Stretch Your Fly Line to Cast Better and Slow Guide Icing

"I've always said that your fly line has as much to do with casting performance as your fly rod does. Even the most deluxe, high-tech graphite wand in the world won't save you if your fly line is chapped, dry, and especially kinked.”

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