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Blue River - at Silverthorne Fly Fishing Report

Last update 05/20/16 - Similar to last week, flows are holding around that 200cfs. Look for fish to move closer towards the banks and slower water. We tend to not deviate away from the fly pattern program on the Blue Tailwater so mysis, egg, baetis, and worm variations are a great point fly around the #16-#18 size, dropped down to a #20 - #24 Black beauty, Miracle nymph or blood midge. Some days might give up a decent midge hatch but mostly during cloudy/snowy conditions. A Brook’s sprout midge in black or grey will work great in sizes #20-#26. Zeke Hersh - Regional Guide Manager

River Information

The Blue River through Silverthorne offers anglers the opportunity to catch a 20" trout in the morning and then shop at the Gap in the afternoon. While it may seem strange to park in an outlet mall's parking lot and get wadered up next to a family looking for some afternoon shopping, the fish that reside here can quickly refocus that distraction. This stretch of river sees considerable pressure, however the fish typically respond favorably to a good dead drift. Sight fishing opportunities abound here and the fish are typically very aestheically pleasing in coloration and size due to the protein rich diet provided by the dam of Dillon Reservoir.

Match the Hatch

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Chernobyl Ant
Size 8-10
RS2 Midge
Size 20-22
Mayer's Tube Midge
Size 18-22
Poison Tung Nymph
Size 18-20
Epoxy Mysis Shrimp
Size 18-20
Nitro Caddis Pupa
Size 14-18
Electric Caddis
Size 18
Amy's Ant
Size 10-14
JuJu Baetis
Size 20-22
Tung Rainbow Warrior
Size 20-22

Seasonal Conditions

In true tailwater fashion, the flies you need to catch fish here are typically the same year round. Nymphing will be the rule throughout the majority of the year, however some good summer dry fly fishing can exist given the right conditions. Midges, Baetis, Caddis and the ever popular Mysis Shrimp should be your focus. Small streamers can also be effective during the low light hours. This river is fishable year round and sees no shortage of anglers. 

River Access

The Blue River as it runs through Silverthorne is considered Gold Medal Water and is deemed Catch and Release using only artificial flies and lures.  Access is plentiful in this area, particulalry in and arond the Outlet Mall.  Once you get a bit North of Town, access does become more limited.


  • From Iron Bridge downstream to the Forest Service Building is all public water.  Access is made particularly easy by using the bike path along side the river.
  • Retreat on the Blue, access is limited to the west side of the river.
  • Blue River Run Development, access is limited to the west side of the river only, and anglers must enter easement entrances.
  • The Ponds Development, access is available on both sides of the river.
  • Cottonwood Park Access, access is limited to the west side of the river only.