Boulder Creek Fly Fishing Report

Last Updated: 5/26/17- Boulder Creek isn't your best option right now. Flows are beginning to climb here as we see the early affects of runoff with some recent spikes due to all this recent moisture we have gotten and continue to get. Clarity is a issue right now but, you can still find some fish in the muddy water. Look for pockets, slower slicks and the edges to have plenty of fish holding. Take advantage of the higher water and use bigger attractor nymph patterns, Pat's Rubber Legs, San Juan Worms etc. will catch plenty of fish.

River Information

Boulder Creek is a wonderful little fishery that originates in the front range and runs through the town of Boulder. This creek holds primarily Rainbow and Brown trout, however Brook and Cutthroat trout live here as well. Dry fly fishing can be very good in the warmer months and a 3wt or smaller rod is ideal. 

Match the Hatch

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Winter/Spring: Midges, Baetis

Summer: Midges, mayflies, caddis, terrestrials

Fall: Midges, mayflies, caddis

Seasonal Conditions

Boulder Creek is can be fished year round. Midges are active throughout the year, however arguably the best way to fish this creek is in the warmer months with a dry dropper rig. 

River Access

From Boulder, take Canyon Blvd, Hwy 119 west. Pullouts are numerous on the nearly 14 miles of fishable water before reaching Barker Reservoir Dam.