Conejos River Fly Fishing Report

River Information

The Conejos River is a 92 mile long tributary of the Rio Grande River, located in south-central Colorado. The river has both meadow and canyon sections as well as abundant bug life.  Wild Rainbow, Brown and Cutthroat trout reside here.

Recommended Flies

Winter/Spring: Midges, Mayflies

Summer: Stoneflies, Mayflies, Caddis, Terrestrials, Midges

Fall: Midges, Mayflies, Caddis

Seasonal Conditions

The Conejos is fishable year round, however during the winter anglers are typically restricted to the tailwater section below Platoro Reservoir.  Bug life is prolific during the summer and fishing Caddis, Mayfly and Stonefly dries can be very productive. The river is home to some large Brown trout so spending some time throwing a streamer is always worth a try. 

River Access

River access is plentiful on the Conejos. You can fish above Platoro Reservoir, however this will require some hiking and the fish here are generally smaller. Downstream from the reservoir is the most popular stretch to fish.