San Juan River in New Mexico Fly Fishing Report

River Information

The San Juan River in New Mexico is a world class tailwater fishery located below Navajo Dam.  This river can be a sight fishermans dream and tiny flies and light tippets are an absolute must. The river can be floated or waded and it's Rainbows and Browns will eat both nymphs and dry flies as long as a good presentation is utilized. The fish grow large here and average 16"-18". 

Match the Hatch

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Patterns used here will be the same pretty much year round. Midges, midges, and more midges will be the ticket to success most days. Aquatic worms, annelids and some mayflies will make up the rest of the trout's diets here. 

Seasonal Conditions

The San Juan is fishable year round. Small flies- sized 18-24 and 6x and 7x tippet are recommended. 

River Access

Access is very plentiful here below the Navajo Dam. Most of the fishing takes place within the first few miles of the dam.