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South Platte River - Denver (DSP) Fly Fishing Report

Latest Update 10/16/16: The Denver South Platte has been fishing decent with the nice weather we have been seeing. The carp are actively feeding in the shallows and will eat a well presented fly. Targeting areas of shallow flats adjacent to deeper water has been the most consistent way of finding fish. In some areas, the fish are beginning to pod up for the cooler months ahead. If you come across this, try finding a lone or pair of fish that have broken away from the rest of the group. This will increase your chances of hooking a fish before it spooks the rest of the group.It seems that darker colored patterns more imitative of leeches and larger nymphs have been the most productive. As far as fishing for other species goes, throwing flashy streamers should produce. The cooler water should get some of the trout, bass, and walleye more active and feeding on smaller baitfish and crayfish before the super low flows of winter. -Austin Manthey, Professional Fly Fishing Guide for Trouts Denver

River Information

The Denver South Platte (or DSP) flows right through the heart of Denver and offers anglers the ultimate in urban fly fishing. The river is home to a wide variety of warm water fish, however does hold trout in some of the upper sections. Without a doubt, no fish has put the DSP on the map more than the Carp. These ultra spooky fish have become a prime target for many of us here at the shop and have both frustrated and rewarded countless other anglers across this city and beyond. Aside from the Carp, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Suckers, Catfish and Walleye all reside in this waterway. The upper few miles, just downstream of C-470, north to Mineral Blvd, typically runs a little colder and holds the highest density of trout. This stretch is also undergoing stream renovations which should improve the quality of the trout fishery. 

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Seasonal Conditions

Fishable year round. The warmer months will be most productive for the warm water species here. 

River Access

River access is plentiful throughout the entirety of this stretch of river. Anglers will find countless access spots from C-470 north to 104th St. Feel free to stop by the shop or give us a call for the most up to date report on what stretches are fishing best.