St. Vrain Creek Fly Fishing Report

River Information

A textbook Colorado small stream freestone in every sense of the word, the St. Vrain was hit hard by the floods of fall 2013. All 4 species of trout live here and love to eat dry flies during the warmer months.  

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Winter/Spring: Midges, Baetis

Summer: Caddis, Mayflies, Small Stoneflies, Terrestrials, Attractor Dry Flies

Fall: Mayflies, Midges, Caddis. 

Seasonal Conditions

The St. Vrain can be fished year round, however like most small streams, really shines during the summer months when the dry fly fishing is at it's peak. 

River Access

Highway #7 follows the St. Vrain for apprixmately ten miles. there are numerous public access along this route.

A trailhead off Hwy 72 at County Road 96 is another good option if you're looking to get off the pavement and hike into the backcountry.