Uncompahgre River Fly Fishing Report

River Information

The Uncompahgre River, or "Unc" is a fun little tailwater that starts in Ouray and ends in Delta. The river has undergone considerable restoration and is home to Cutthroat, Rainbow and Brown trout- some of which grow to impressive sizes. Located in the Pa-Co-Chu-Puk State Park, or "Paco" below Ridgeway Reservoir, this river offers good access and year round fishing. 

Recommended Flies

Winter/Spring: Midges, Mayflies

Summer: Small Stoneflies, Mayflies, Caddis, Terrestrials, Midges, Streamers

Fall: Midges, Mayflies, Caddis, Streamers

Seasonal Conditions

Fishing can be had year round on the Uncompahgre. Like many tailwaters, midges make up an important part of the fishes diet thoughout the colder months. Baetis begin to show late winter/early spring and can provide some great fishing.  The river continues to fish well and generally runs clear in late spring/early summer while many rivers are being effected by runoff. Summer time sees a good mix of Caddis, Mayflies and Small Stoneflies which can all be imitated to catch fish. Terrestrials are always worth a try from mid-summer to early fall. 

River Access

Access is good below Ridgeway Reservoir. Some public access exists downriver, but a majority of the river is private in these lower reaches.