Trouts Guide Service Exclusive Private Property Listings

One of the greatest things about Colorado is the multitude of public angling opportunities available to fly anglers. However, there are still other opportunities where access is more limited, and Trout's Guide Service is committed to helping facilitate exclusive access to these world-class properties.  Our list of Exclusive Properties is ever evolving, and our mission in offering these to our customers is to enhance the angling experience for those wishing to fish a stretch of river that is managed in a manor that preserves a section of water for future generations.

Rowdy Trout Ranch - North Fork of the South Platte River

The Rowdy Trout Ranch is one of our two exclusive properties to the Trout's Guide Service. Only an hour outside of Denver, Rowdy Trout Ranch offers a unique experience for anglers of all skill levels fly fishing in Colorado.   Located on the famed North Fork of the South Platte River, this property offers unmatched views of Santa Maria and the rugged peaks of Pike National Forest, Mt. Evans Wilderness Area, and the Lost Creek Wilderness area.  Since 2008, this property has been managed through an Environmentally Conscious Management Program that restricts angler use, and promotes a sustainable and healthy fishery. Each year, availability is determined by the management plan and is limited accordingly.  Full-scale fisheries enhancements have been completed from 2009 through 2011 and have produced an absolutely wonderful aesthetic experience for our customers.  In addition to the spectacular river, the Rowdy Trout Ranch has four ponds, which regularly hold large trout that often rise for a well-presented fly.


YR Ranch - Lower Blue River

The YR Ranch is an incredibly unique fishery available exclusively to The Trout's Guide Service.  Located on the Lower Blue River below Green Mountain Reservoir, this property offers a variety of amazing fishing situations unparalleled in all of Colorado fly fishing.  Dries, nymphs and streamers  are all productive at this amazing stretch of river.  This premier fishery is currently undergoing a five year environmental rehabilitation which includes a long term management plan that will ensure anglers an amazing experience for many years to come.  The YR Ranch does not receive any stocking and produces many wild trophy fish each year.  The property fishes especially well early and late in the season, when some of the largest wild trout seen in Colorado migrate into this stretch of the Blue River from the mighty Colorado River staging for their annual spawning.  This ranch is not to be missed by fly fishing anglers looking for the chance to catch the fish of their lifetime.  Keep in mind that access to this area is limited as it is a favorite destination for our returning customers, so be sure to secure your fishing dates well in advance. 

The WCR Ranch - Willow Creek

The WCR Ranch is located on a small tributary of the upper Colorado River, approximately 35 miles in length. The creek rises in northwestern Grand County, in the Arapaho National Forest at the top of the continental divide and flows southeast toward the Colorado River.

The WCR Ranch is home to Lodgepole and Ponderosa Pines, Douglas-Firs, and Aspen stands.  The creek itself meanders through a wide-open meadow closely cropped with willows, cut banks, and a variety of alpine wildflowers.  Surrounding the creek are majestic peaks that reach elevations of 12,000ft and higher. The two predominant species of fish on the WCR property are brown and rainbow trout – although other species are often caught as well.  The creek has many bends and deep cut banks along the mile+ stretch of private water.  Successful fishing at the WCR requires a bit of stealth and patience.  If you enjoy taking your time looking for fish in clear water environments and making accurate presentations, the WCR Ranch is a property to consider.  The reward can be a subtle sip on the surface or a jarring explosion on the top of the water.

Granby Ranch - The Fraser River

The Granby Ranch, located a scenic hour and 45 minute drive from Denver, is the newest property added to our private water offerings.  Located on the Fraser River, just outside of Granby, Colorado, this gold medal tributary of the mighty Colorado River offers anglers the ultimate western fly-fishing experience.  During any given day on this 3 mile long, meandering meadow freestone, an angler will have the opportunity to fish nymphs, streamers and dry flies to the completely wild brown, rainbow, brook and cutthroat trout that inhabit its waters. A series of shallow riffles, runs, and tailouts, connected to deep bend pools provide all the necessary ingredients to grow some truly great fish. This river is full of aquatic bug life and will always provide anglers the opportunity to “match the hatch” throughout the day. Rest assured, a day spent on the Granby Ranch with family or friends will be a wonderfully memorable experience.