Trouts Guide Service Exclusive Private Property Listings

One of the greatest things about Colorado is the multitude of public angling opportunities available to fly anglers. However, there are still other opportunities where access is more limited, and Trout's Guide Service is committed to helping facilitate exclusive access to these world-class properties.  Our list of Exclusive Properties is ever evolving, and our mission in offering these to our customers is to enhance the angling experience for those wishing to fish a stretch of river that is managed in a manor that preserves a section of water for future generations.

Boxwood Gulch Ranch- North Fork of the South Platte River

Considered my many to be the premier private property on which to fish for trophy sized Trout in the Rocky Mountain area. This property has been managed for quality fly fishing, by the same owner, since 1988. Over the years the nearly one mile of river has been gradually tweaked to provide great habitat for the fish that call Boxwood Gulch their home. A trip to Boxwood will give you an opportunity to fish for many different species of trout of extra ordinary quality and size. You might think at times that these kind of fish only exist in places like Alaska or beyond but just review the 20 years of fishing reports on the Boxwood web site to see what a well managed fishery can produce.

The Boxwood Clubhouse has all of the normal facilities you would expect at a first class operation, indoor plumbing, heat, shower, WIFI, TV, phone, and a fantastic patio complete with fire pit for those end of the day “fish stories.”  The river is fishable for anglers of all skill levels. There is lots of challenging water for the experts and plenty of other areas for those just getting into the sport. Physical mobility issues are not a problem either. Situated at an elevation of 8300’ in the Pike National Forest the property is surrounded by Wilderness Areas so in addition to the phenomenal fishing you stand a good chance to see all kinds of wildlife and other natural wonders of our Colorado Great Outdoors.

Long Meadow Ranch- North Fork of the South Platte River

The Long Meadow property is immediately adjacent to and upstream of Boxwood Gulch. Managed by the folks at Boxwood Gulch, it has been part of their fishing program since 1998. Nearly 2 miles of water and some of the best Trophy Trout fishing in the area.In September of 2014 major habitat improvement on nearly 50 % of the main channel at Long Meadow was completed. This work was done to enhance the trout holding capabilities and to provide more great fishing areas for Long Meadow anglers. While this area at times could accommodate 20 anglers the owners limit it to a maximum of only 10 anglers. If your group is more than 10 please look at the Boxwood location. Or, book both areas and get nearly 3 miles of private water.

Long Meadow is a good mix of water and terrain. Challenging enough for the expert angler and accommodating enough for novices. Ask your guide about an area called “Graduate School.” At Long Meadow big Trout lurk in its nearly 2 miles of channels and back waters, just waiting to attack your fly.  Don’t be surprised if you hook into a double digit Bow or land a 16″  Brookie. There is a shelter, grill, picnic table, and a professionally maintained porta-potty.

North Fork Ranch- North Fork of the South Platte River

North Fork Ranch is one of the most exclusive pieces of private water on the North Fork, but also in all of Colorado. This private water fishery is guided fly fishing only and is alive with trout. One cast might produce a fourteen inch brown trout. The next might be a three pound rainbow. This water is known for BIG fish. Trout over 10 pounds have been caught at the North Fork Ranch. This river boasts easy access and caters to all skill levels from first time
fly fisherman to experts looking for big fish.


Rowdy Trout Ranch - North Fork of the South Platte River

The Rowdy Trout Ranch is one of our two exclusive properties to the Trout's Guide Service. Only an hour outside of Denver, Rowdy Trout Ranch offers a unique experience for anglers of all skill levels fly fishing in Colorado.   Located on the famed North Fork of the South Platte River, this property offers unmatched views of Santa Maria and the rugged peaks of Pike National Forest, Mt. Evans Wilderness Area, and the Lost Creek Wilderness area.  Since 2008, this property has been managed through an Environmentally Conscious Management Program that restricts angler use, and promotes a sustainable and healthy fishery. Each year, availability is determined by the management plan and is limited accordingly.  Full-scale fisheries enhancements have been completed from 2009 through 2011 and have produced an absolutely wonderful aesthetic experience for our customers.  In addition to the spectacular river, the Rowdy Trout Ranch has four ponds, which regularly hold large trout that often rise for a well-presented fly.