Questions to ask when choosing a guide service, whether it be local, national or international

Is the Guide Service licensed, bonded and insured in Colorado?  It is important to be aware that guides conducting "rogue trips" or persons representing themselves as guides without the proper licensing, bonding and insurance can leave the client exposed in the event of injury.  Always ask whether the Guide/Outfitter is properly licensed and insured to be conducting trips.  In Colorado, it is illegal to offer guided trips when not licensed and insured by the state.

  • What does the cost of a guided trip include?  At Trout's Fly Fishing, our trip costs are ALL INCLUSIVE, meaning we'll provide everything you'll need for a day on the water.

-Fly Rods / Reels

-Flies, Leaders, Tippet


-Lunch- Included in FULL DAY trips only- and will consist of Deli Sandwiches, Sides, Desert. (unless otherwise specified)

  • Not Included in Daily Guide Rate: 

-Fishing license ($9 for a one day license in Colorado)

-Guide gratiuty

***Be aware of guides and outfitters that have hidden costs for equipment rental, terminal tackle (flies, leaders, etc.), lunch/drinks, etc.  Nothing will ruin a great day on the water like an additional and/or unexpected bill to deal with at the end of your day.

  • How much fishing is involved in a full day versus half day guided fly fishing trip?

A Full Day trip will consist of approximately 8 hours on the water. Half day trips will constist of approximately 4 hours. 


  • Items to bring on the day of your guided fly fishing trip:

While your guide will have all of the fishing related gear to ensure success on the water. There are a few addition items we suggest you bring:

1. Hat

2. Polarized Sunglasses- if you don't have polarized sunglasses, and aquiring a pair isn't an option, PLEASE bring some form of sunglasses/eye protection

3. Light rain jacket/extra layer. Weather in the Rockies can change in an instant. There is nothing that can ruin a day quicker than being wet and cold.

4. Socks- if you are wearing sandals/flip flops to and from the river that day, please bring socks (preferably wool, calf-high) to wear under your waders.

5. Sunscreen 

  • What is the appropriate tip amount for a fly fishing guide?

This is a fairly common question. The way I like to think of it is that being a professional fly fishing guide is a service industry, much like being a waiter/waitress. 20% is a very common tip percentage to give your guide at the end of the day. As always, if you feel the service you recieved that day exceeded expectations, more than 20% is always greatly appreciated. Remember, guides have a somewhat significant upfront expense associated with each trip. Buying groceries, beverages, fuel, flies, leader, tippet, fly rods/reels, etc. day in and day out certainly adds up. Rest assured, any tip money given at the end of the day is very much appreciated by your guide and goes a long way in helping recoup some of the day to day expenses associated with being a professional fly fishing guide.  If you have further questions associated with tipping your guide, please don't hesitate to contact us at the shop to discuss further.

  • When will my guide contact me regarding my fly fishing trip?

You will hear from your guide no later than 24-48 hours prior to your trip. At this point, information regarding meeting location and any last minute details can be discussed.

  • What is the cancellation policy? 

Guided trips scheduled are held rain or shine, however our professional fly fishing guides will ultimately determine whether or not it is best to venture out into the great outdoors. In the event of dangerous weather, Trouts Guide Service alone reserves the right to cancel the trip. A customer may cancel a booked trip more than 21 days prior to the scheduled trip and receive a full refund. If a customer cancels a booked trip less than 21 days, but greater than 7 days prior to the scheduled trip, the customer shall be entitled to a return of 50% of the original deposit received, OR may apply the proceeds towards a future guided trip. If a customer cancels a trip less than 7 days, but greater than 2 days prior to the scheduled trip, no deposit shall be returned and proceeds will be applied towards a future trip. If customer cancels within 48 hours of scheduled trip, all deposits will be kept by Trouts Guide Service. Deposits shall be 100% of applicable rod fees in addition to 100% of guide trip fee.

  • Is transportation to the river included in my guide trip? 

Transportation to and from the river is not included in the standard guide fee rate. Transportation can be added to the daily rate for an additional fee. Prior to your trip, you and your guide will establish a convenient meeting location somewhere along the way to the river. At this point, if space is available in the guides car, clients may have the option to ride the remaining miles to the river with the guide if they choose to do so. Otherwise, customers can follow the guide to the river to begin the day of fishing. 

  • Can we keep the fish we catch? 

While we realize trout are very tasty on the dinner table, and many of the rivers fished on guide trips allow anglers to keep a certain number/size of trout to eat, all Trouts Guided Fly Fishing Trips are strictly catch and release in order to help protect the resource.

  • What is a rod fee? 

In simplest terms, a rod fee is a specified, additional fee applicable for every angler fishing that day. These fees are added to our published guide rates and are applicable for both half and full day trips. Rod fees ONLY apply to our exclusive private properties and will be paid at the time the trip is booked. No rod fee will ever be associated with a public water trip. Example: A property has a rod fee of $100 and there will be 2 anglers fishing on a full day trip- during the booking process, an extra $200 will be added to the standard, full day guide trip fee of $395, for a grand total of $595.  

  • What is the difference between public vs private water? What are the benefits of each? 

It could be argued that Colorado has more public water available for fishing than a person could ever fish in a lifetime. That being said, as fly fishing continues to grow in popularity, many of these public waters have become noticeably more crowded over the years- especially on the weekends. A benefit of fishing a private property is that during the day, you will have the entire stretch of river all to yourself, and will be fishing for significantly less pressured fish. (Which can make them much easier to catch at times.)  Private water trips can also be great for larger groups that still want to fish together. Many times, larger groups are forced to spread out on public water trips in order to compensate for the crowds of other anglers present that day.  Additionally, beginning anglers often find a private setting much more relaxed and enjoyable to learn in than public waters which may be crowded and or require more walking/hiking throughout the day. Finally, most of our private waters have undergone significant stream improvements which have created incredible habitat capable of growing very big trout. 

Public water trips also have their benefits that extend beyond simply being more afforable. All of our public water trips are held on world class waters that are full of fish. It's not uncommon for anglers to experience the best day of fly fishing they've ever had on public water.  Another reason anglers choose to book public water trips is because they want to learn to fish their home waters more effectively. Just moved to town? Live nearby but just getting into fly fishing? Tired of repeatedly fishing the same river, seeing other anglers consistently hooked up, and your net sitting idle? What better way to ramp up the learning curve, and undoubtedly save hours of frustration and confusion, by hiring a professional guide to show you the correct way to fish your local waters!? 

After reading this, if you're still unsure what is the better option based on what you're hoping to accomplish, give us a call or stop by the shop to discuss further. We will do whatever it takes to put together your dream day on the water!

  • How old does my child have to be to fly fish? 

Introducing your child to fly fishing should involve one key ingredient-- FUN!! We typically find it difficult for children under 10 years old to effectively handle a fly rod and perform the necessary casts to ensure success. Again, every child is different, so feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss your young angler's needs further. 

  • What kind of fish will we catch? 

All of our guide trips will be focused on catching trout in rivers. We do have warmwater trips available-upon request- as well where anglers can pursue carp and/or bass. 

  • Is alcohol allowed or provided? 

Trouts Guide Service does not have a liquor license, and therefore cannot serve alcohol. Customers can bring their own alcohol along with them if they so choose and are 21 years of age or older.