Kyle Wilkinson- Outfitting Manager, Professional Fly Fishing Guide

Kyle got his first fly rod at the age of 10 and immediately began harrassing the bluegill and bass swimming in the ponds of his family farm in Southeast Kansas, where he was raised. His parents made the mistake of taking him to Montana in high school, where he immediately fell in love with being out West and in the mountains. Fly fishing means more to Kyle than just catching fish. It's about connecting with the people, places, and experiences that this sport provides. Kyle is a very knowledgable, enthusiastic and patient teacher who has a deep passion for sharing the great outdoors with others.  


Scott Dickson - Head Guide

Scott has been fishing as long as he can remember, but it wasn’t until the early 90’s when he picked up his first fly rod. One of the many things Scott loves about fishing is the fact that you’re never done learning. There’s always room for improvement, new things to learn, and new “tricks” to try. Being able to share his skills, knowledge, and experience he’s acquired over the past 20 years with the most novice anglers to the more experienced anglers is just one of the many reasons that keep him guiding year after year. 



Mitchell Blain- Professional Fly Fishing Guide

Mitchell is a 6th generation Colorado native and helped run his first guide trip when he was 14 years old and has been guiding ever since. His influences for fly-fishing are Todd Clough, Clint Packo, and his father Mitch Blain and grandparents Jim Blain and Jerry Blain. He enjoys any time spent on the water and loves watching people catch fish almost as much as he does catching them himself. Favorite places to fish are anywhere where the fish have big teeth as well as chasing trout here in Colorado. 



Lee Molvie-  Professional Fly Fishing Guide

Originally from North Carolina, Lee grew up on the trout streams of the Great Smoky Mountains. Since moving to Denver after college, he has fallen in love with the rivers of Colorado and the Mountain West and may never move back! Lee enjoys spending time on the river with anglers of all skill levels and his favorite approach is sight-fishing to trophy trout. Lee’s passion for the sport and laid-back attitude will ensure a great day on the water, rain or shine.



David Luna- Professional Fly Fishing Guide

I was 12 years old when I moved to Denver Colorado from the border town of Juarez Mexico,  up until that day I had never seen a river besides the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande). I started fishing when I was 14 years old. I used to spend the whole summer school break fishing, dunking worms for bluegill, bass, and the occasional catfish that would take my tasty treat. After doing that for a few years I was ready to expand my knowlege. During one of my first outings to Waterton Canyon I saw a fly-fisherman for the first time in my life. I was very intrigued and knew I had to try this method. The first time I fly-fished was I was 18 years old and now 14 years later I'm still very much in love with this sport. It is something I'm extremely passionate about and hope to pass down to my children.


Barry Reynolds - Professional Fly Fishing Guide

Barry is a true renaissance man of fly fishing with extensive experience guiding and hosting fly fishers to angling destinations all over the world. He’s probably most known for his prowess stalking carp and is author of Carp on the Fly: a Flyfishing Guide. Barry’s love for fly fishing and the outdoors is evident in the numerous written articles and photographs he has sold to magazines such as American Angler, Wild on the Fly, Warm Water Angler, and Southwest Fly Fishing. Barry is a certified casting instructor and master fly tier.




Ryan Sullivan - Professional Fly Fishing Guide

Ryan began fly fishing at an early age, with influences like his father, David James Duncan, Thomas McGuane, and Ed Engle. Any client that is fortunate enough to be with Ryan, will experience a guide who is passionate, knowledgeable, and patient. Ryan can be seen on the water along the front range of Colorado year-round.




Kaili Purviance- Professional Fly Fishing Guide

The only thing Kaili likes more than being outdoors is being outdoors with a fly-rod. After being introduced to fly fishing a little over five years ago, this Texan turned Coloradoan has spent most of those days exploring the trout waters all over this beautiful state. He's also been known to pack those rods and catch a plane seeking the trout's larger relatives on the salty flats of Florida and marshes of Texas. Regardless of skill or experience level, Kaili is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with clients and be a part of their adventures.



Dave Lovell- Professional Fly Fishing Guide

As a native of Colorado, Dave has been fly-fishing for more than 30 years, and has fished throughout the United States and internationally.  As a Certified Casting Instructor, he thoroughly enjoys instructing and building rapport with customers of all skills and abilities.  Dave's passion, and humor make for a memorable days on the water for anyone who fishes with this accomplished guide.




Austin Manthey- Professional Fly Fishing Guide

Austin is a Colorado native and has been fly fishing Colorado's lakes and streams since age six. Most of his life has been spent both on and off the water, dialing in on techniques and creating the next best fly patterns at the vice. He loves sharing his passion and experience with others of all skill levels and enjoys spending time on the water with others just as much as fishing on his own. Outside of the physical realm of fly fishing and tying, Austin also loves camping and creating fishy artwork.