Dave Lovell- Outfitting Manager

As a native of Colorado, Dave has been fly-fishing for more than 30 years, and has fished throughout the United States and internationally.  As a Certified Casting Instructor, he thoroughly enjoys instructing and building rapport with customers of all skills and abilities.  Dave's passion, and humor make for a memorable days on the water for anyone who fishes with this accomplished guide.



Scott Dickson - Denver Head Guide

Scott has been fishing as long as he can remember, but it wasn’t until the early 90’s when he picked up his first fly rod. One of the many things Scott loves about fishing is the fact that you’re never done learning. There’s always room for improvement, new things to learn, and new “tricks” to try. Being able to share his skills, knowledge, and experience he’s acquired over the past 20 years with the most novice anglers to the more experienced anglers is just one of the many reasons that keep him guiding year after year. 


Tim Suplee- Frisco Head Guide

Originally from the Northeast, Tim started fishing at age 6 in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and began fly-fishing in his early teens.  While attending college at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, his addiction to the sport was already well formed and he spent every free second possible exploring the local rivers and streams in both New Hampshire and Maine. Upon graduation, Tim moved to Colorado and continued to hone his fly fishing skills to where they are today! When not guiding, you'll still find him out on the water searching for the 'perfect trout'. 

Zeke Hersh- Professional Fly Fishing Guide

Growing up in Washington state, Zeke fell in love with fishing at an early age. Fly fishing engaged him after watching a Steelhead angler fly cast on early morning bike rides to school. For a summer, he was a daily visitor at the local fly shop, quickly absorbing as much information as he could.  Zeke loves to break down the technical aspects of fly fishing and fish tendencies to find the best and most effective methods for success. An ever-patient instructor, lover of the outdoors, and teacher of the art, science, and wonder of fly fishing is what motivates Zeke to continue to further educate himself and others about the sport he loves.


Phil Tereyla- Professional Fly Fishing Guide

Growing up in Colorado Springs, Phil literally has the rivers of Colorado running through his veins. A true master of sight fishing the South Platte, Phil’s passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing the sport with others is contagious. Aside from guiding over 150 days a year, Phil also serves as a contributor to American Angler Magazine.



Mitchell Blain- Professional Fly Fishing Guide

Mitchell is a 6th generation Colorado native and helped run his first guide trip when he was 14 years old and has been guiding ever since. His influences for fly-fishing are Todd Clough, Clint Packo, and his father Mitch Blain and grandparents Jim Blain and Jerry Blain. He enjoys any time spent on the water and loves watching people catch fish almost as much as he does catching them himself. Favorite places to fish are anywhere where the fish have big teeth as well as chasing trout here in Colorado. 


Tucker Bamford- Professional Fly Fishing Guide

Tucker is a Colorado native who has been exploring the high country with a fly rod for over 25 years.  Though his fishing adventures have taken him all over the country chasing everything from steelhead to mahi-mahi, he spends most of his time chasing trout on his home water the South Platte.  He’s spent countless hours in the Deckers area and on the Dream Stream.  Tucker is also an avid fly tyer, with two patterns currently in production with the Orvis Company.  In the wintertime, you can usually find him standing on a frozen lake.


David Luna- Professional Fly Fishing Guide

I was 12 years old when I moved to Denver Colorado from the border town of Juarez Mexico,  up until that day I had never seen a river besides the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande). I started fishing when I was 14 years old. I used to spend the whole summer school break fishing, dunking worms for bluegill, bass, and the occasional catfish that would take my tasty treat. After doing that for a few years I was ready to expand my knowlege. During one of my first outings to Waterton Canyon I saw a fly-fisherman for the first time in my life. I was very intrigued and knew I had to try this method. The first time I fly-fished was I was 18 years old and now 14 years later I'm still very much in love with this sport. It is something I'm extremely passionate about and hope to pass down to my children.



Brian Hume- Professional Fly Fishing Guide

 Canoe trips deep into the Boundary Waters fishing for walleye, bass and pike helped cut this native Minnesotans teeth.  After attending the University of Oregon, studying biology and outdoor education Brian found himself in Breckenridge, working ski patrol and as a ski Instructor. With over twenty years of fly-fishing in the Breckenridge and South Park area under his belt, Brian's knowledge of the area runs deep and he is our Frisco store's boat enthusiast and still-water specialist. A love for adventure has taken him from various blue-water destinations, to sail boats in Belize and the British Virgin Islands searching for Bonefish, to Pike fishing in northwest Ontario, to looking for Stripers and Blues around Long Island and Martha's Vineyard, to backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park looking for Cutthroat trout, to much, much more.



Landon Caldwell- Professional Fly Fishing Guide

Born in Oklahoma and raised in Arkansas, Landon spent the majority of his childhood chasing striper, bass, and crappie in the lakes and ponds near his home. At age 20 he moved to Summit County, Colorado to pursue his love of rivers and started working as  raft guide on the Arkansas, Colorado, and Blue river. As well as the New river and Upper Gauley rivers in West Virginia. After 10 seasons and over 20,000 commercial river rafting miles. Landon decided to call it quits as a raft guide. In 2006, he was given a fly rod as a birthday gift. That's where his passion for fly fishing began and Landon started spending over 200 days a year on the water.  In 2013 Landon had an epiphany . He decided that unless he was able to find a way to spend his life on the river, true happiness would never be found. So began his guiding career- lovin life and livin the dream!  On his day off he's usually spending time with his daughter Zoie, fishing, camping, or floating rivers. With over 15 years guiding outdoor adventures in Colorado, Landon would love the chance to pass on his love and passion for fly fishing to you.

Dave Hernden- Professional Fly Fishing Guide

Dave was introduced to fishing by his father at a very young age, splitting time between the Pecos River in New Mexico and the lakes and streams of Northern Michigan.  A resident of Colorado for 14 years, Dave continues to spend every second possible honing his skills as both an angler and guide. In short, fly fishing has become a lifelong passion and a way of life for Dave; which has included several guided fishing trips across the country and Canada, a Trout Unlimited Fly Fishing School, one-on-one instruction from some of the top pro guides in the world, and the constant pursuit of furthering his knowledge and expertise in this artistic expression of nature. One thing I always tell my clients, my friends, and maybe most importantly myself: "If you're smiling, you're doing it right!