Trouts Guide Service Public Water Listing

Colorado has some of the finest and most extensive public water options of any state in the Rocky Mountain West.   While our water access might not be as encompassing as some of our neighboring states, the abundance and quality of public access is unmatched.  That is why in addition to our Exclusive Properties, Trout's Guide Service is proud to offer the most in depth and encompassing resume of public water options for our clients.  Whether you're looking for a close to town option for a quick get away, a challenging tail-water fishery to enhance your angling abilities, or a remote section of water to ease your mind and body, we have something that will meet your needs.  But don't let this list of angling options overwhelm you, as our seasoned and qualified guide staff will determine your fishing location based upon experience level, desired experience and seasonal conditions.  However, in the event you have a certain piece of water you've been dying to fish, don't hesitate to formally request one of these world-class fisheries when booking your next trip with us.

South Platte River Drainage

Colorado River Drainage

South Park

Arkansas River Drainage

"All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from U.S. Bureau of Land Management"