Guided fly fishing trips across Colorado

Trouts Fly Fishing is excited to be able to offer guided fly fishing trips 365 days a year!  One of the best aspects of fishing in Colorado is the abundance of fishing options, many of which are available year round.   Trouts Guide Service is committed to offering our clients the best in guided fly fishing adventures.  We cater our trips to our clients' needs to ensure that their time on the water is relaxing, enjoyable, and most importantly, memorable.  So whether you are looking for a half day outing, a multi-day Rocky Mountain fly fishing adventure, or you're looking to organize a unique corporate event, look no further than Trouts Guide Service.

Below is a list of fly fishing trip options, as well as their associated costs.  To maintain a quality experience for all of our clients, we try to keep the guide to client ratio at 2:1.  All trips go out rain or shine, unless conditions are deemed unsafe by the guide.  If you have any questions or you would like to book a day on the water with us, please call the shop at (877) 464-0034 or email us at

  • Half Day Fly Fishing Trips- $320 for 1 Angler, $345 for 2 Anglers, $495 for 3 Anglers

Half day trips take place during the most productive time of day for fishing during a specific time of year. These trips typically last 4-5 hours, and include 4 hours of fishing time. Trip Includes: Drinks/refreshments, terminal tackle (flies, leaders, tippets, etc.)

* Lunch is available for half day fly fishing trips upon special request and for an additional fee. Please make sure to discuss this at the time you book your trip. 

  • Full Day Fly Fishing Trips - $420 for 1 Angler, $445 for 2 Anglers, $605 for 3 Anglers

Full day fly fishing trips will typically last from roughly 8am – 4pm. These trips include: Lunch and drinks, terminal tackle (flies, leaders, tippet, etc.)

  • Full Day Float Fishing Trips- $545 for 1 Anglers & $570 for 2 Anglers 

Full day float fishing trips typically last from roughly 8am - 5pm. These trips will take place on the Colorado River and include lunch and drinks, terminal tackle (flies, leaders, tippet, etc.)

** Boot and Wader Rentals Available for a Nominal Fee of $35 per Person. ($20 for Waders / $15 for Boots) **

  • Best Of Day Fly Fishing Trips- $370 for 1 Angler, $395 for 2 Anglers, $555 for 3 Anglers - Available October 15th-March 15th

Best of Day trips are offered from November 1st through April 1st. These trips last 6 hours and are designed to take advantage of the phenomenal fishing still to be had throughout the colder months of the year. Trips will run from approximately 9:30am-3:30pm, when the sun is at its highest and the fishing is at its best. Trip Includes: Drinks/lunch, terminal tackle (flies, leaders, tippets, etc)

  • Group and Corporate (7+ people) Fly Fishing Trips:

Group trips can be conducted as best of day or full day trips. They include: Lunch and drinks (cold sandwiches, although hot lunches are available upon request), terminal tackle (flies, leaders, tippets, etc.) In addition, the cost of these trips includes a 20% gratuity for the guides, and all trips are billed in full in advance.  

  • Private Water Rod Fees

Troublesome Creek Price Varies Based on Group Size
North Fork Ranch $150/person
Broadmoor $150/person
Boxwood Gulch / Longmeadow Price Varies Based on Group Size

* Rates do not include daily licensing or guide gratuities.  Rates are subject to change without notice. 

Cancellation Policy

Guided trips scheduled are held rain or shine, however our professional fly fishing guides will ultimately determine whether or not it is best to venture out into the great outdoors. In the event of dangerous weather, Trouts Guide Service alone reserves the right to cancel the trip. A customer may cancel a booked trip more than 21 days prior to the scheduled trip and receive a full refund. If a customer cancels a booked trip less than 21 days, but greater than 7 days prior to the scheduled trip, the customer shall be entitled to a return of 50% of the original deposit received (private water fees not inclued), OR may apply the proceeds towards a future guided trip. If a customer cancels a trip less than 7 days, but greater than 2 days prior to the scheduled trip, no deposit shall be returned, private water fees will be kept, and all other proceeds will be applied towards a future trip. If customer cancels within 48 hours of scheduled trip, all deposits will be kept by Trouts Guide Service.  Deposits shall be 100% of applicable rod fees in addition to 100% of guide trip fee.

"All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from U.S. Bureau of Land Management"