Become the best fly fisherman you know

At Trout’s Fly Fishing, we understand the importance of providing a quality educational experience for those looking to get into the sport of fly fishing. The goal behind our fishing school is to offer our customers, no matter what their age or experience level, an opportunity to learn something new about fly fishing. Whether it’s teaching children to fish, learning to dry fly fish for western trout, mastering the art of casting to wary saltwater fish, or learning to tie your own flies, we have the instructors and classes for you.

At one point we have all been novice anglers, and we all understand the difficulties and frustrations that exist for beginners. Yet we also know that satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes from mastering this beautiful sport and becoming a self reliant angler. It is our understanding of this unique educational process, and our love of introducing people to the sport of fly fishing that truly separates us and our fly fishing school from the competition. For those who prefer a more one on one learning experience, we offer a wide variety of private fishing classes including fishing lessons, casting clinics, tying instruction, and guided trips.

Below is a list of the fly fishing educational options we are currently offering for the 2016 season.

Orvis 101

Learn to fly fish for FREE with Trouts Fly Fishing! Orvis 101 classes are perfect for beginners of all ages. This class will cover everything from setting up your fly rod, to basic fly selection and knot tying.

Orvis 301

Designed to pick up where the Orvis 101 left off, 301 classes provide students the opportunity to take their newly learned skills to the water by spending either a half or full day on the river with one of our Professional Fly Fishing Guides! Topics covered during a 301 will include properly rigging your fly rod/flies, improving your wading skills, reading water, and of course- fighting, landing and safely releasing fish!

1 Day On-Stream Beginner Fly Fishing School

Our on-stream beginner fly fishing schools are the perfect way to immerse yourself into this incredible sport. The first part of the day will get students familiar with the basic fundamentals of the sport- casting/rigging/knot tying/wading. The second part of the day will be devoted to heading to the river and putting fish in the net! These 1 day schools will be held at our Exclusive Property- The Rowdy Trout Ranch- and include EVERYTHING you need to enjoy a great day on the water. Rods/Reels/Waders/Boots/Flies/Leader/Tippet/Lunch/Drinks- it's all included! Schools are limited to 8 anglers to ensure maximum attention is given to each student. 

Private Fly Fishing Lesson

Our private fishing lessons are an ideal way to learn the intricacies of fly fishing, hone in your skills, or help take your angling abilities to the next level.  All of our private lessons are catered to the individual, so you can rest assured that your time on the water will be well worth the investment.  We can conduct these lessons on private or public waters, and the timing and topics covered will be dertermined by you our client.  Conducted 365 days a year, we are always available and willing to take you out on the water and show you all that fly fishing has to offer.

Private Casting Lesson

There is only one way to get better at casting, practice the right way! Allow us to help you avoid the pitfalls of casting though a one on one casting lesson. Casting lessons can focus on whatever topics you choose, including basic casting, roll casting, spey/switch and distance casting (*two hour minimum).

Private Fly Tying Lesson

Fly Tying is a complex art where a thorough knowledge and understanding of specific processes and techniques is paramount to success.  That said, we also understand that everyone learns differently, and at their own pace.  This is why we conduct all of our fly tying lessons in a one-on-one setting to maximize your time and money.  This also allows us to focus on exactly what you need help with, eliminating the redundancy that exhists in so many fly tying classes.  Beginner, intermediate and expert tiers will all appreciate a little time with one of our highly qualified fly tying instructors. 

Interested in any of the lessons above? Contact Us to get signed up!