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The staff of Trouts has traveled all over the world with a fly rod in tow.  But we'll be the first to admit that we haven't fished everywhere, nor do we know everything there is to know about every fishing destination across the globe.  That is why we work very closely with Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures.  Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures is a hands-on, specialty travel and destination angling company owned and operated by an experienced team of people who are completely focused on arranging and providing the best possible fishing and travel experiences in the world. When you book a trip with Yellow Dog, you do not pay anymore than you would if you book direct with an outfitter or lodge.  What you do get, is a well of insight and experience as they are obsessed with offering excellent customer service on all levels – from the start to the very end of your international trip. 

Below are a list of destinations that we have either fished at, or have been referred to us by Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures as one of their top destinations.  There are plenty of other lodges and guide operations available, but these are the ones we're willing to put our name behind.

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