Don't leave home without it!

Whether you're traveling locally or abroad, we always recommend that our clients purchase some sort of travel insurace for your upcoming trip.  Let's face it, things happen that are out of our control, and we always find it better to be prepared for the worst instead of having to react when things go south.  We follow the lead of our travel partner Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures in recommending our clients purchase travel insurance from Travel Guard Insurance in addition to trip evacuation insurance from Global Rescue.

Travel Gaurd Insurance

The biggest misconception we here from our clients when it comes to travel insurance is the cost.  The average price of trip insurace for a week long destination fly fishing trip is roughly $175.  When you factor this against the total cost of your trip, it seems almost crazy that you wouldn't make this additional investment when booking.  Travel insurance offered by Travel Guard Insurance includes the following:

  • Trip Cost Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Cost Trip Interruption
  • Baggage Delay
  • Missed Connections
  • Cancel for work reasons (in most states)
  • License Cost - License Fee Refund
  • $1,500 in Trip Delay Compensation (12 hour delay/$150 per day)
  • $25,000 in Medical Expense Coverage
  • $500,000 in Emergency Medical Evacuation Expense

So before you depart on any fishing adventure, we hightly reccomend that you seriously consider this option.


Global Rescue

Fly Fisherman are starting to travel to some of the most inhospitable locations across the globe, places where it could take days if not weeks to get out in an emergency.  This is why we advise all of our customers who are traveling to remote destinations, destinations with political unrest, or for clients with pre-existing medical conditions consider buying trip evacuation insurance from Global Rescue.  While not a common occurence, customers and friends who have had to use their policy have only had wonderful things to say about Global Rescue, and swear that they will never leave the country again without it.  Standard policies purchased through Global Rescue include:

  • Medical evacuations to your choice of hospital in your home country
  • Emergency field rescue services from remote areas anywhere in the world
  • Medical consultations by specialists at Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Deployable paramedics and security personnel to your location
  • Non-medical evacuations for security emergencies or cases of imminent grievous bodily harm
  • 24/7 Operations Center staffed by paramedics and special operations personnel for instant medical and security advice
  • Access to real time city and country political & medical intelligence

Global Rescue memberships are all-inclusive and have no deductibles or hidden costs. Memberships are available in short term, single-trip options or annual plans protecting all travels, both domestic and international. Standard Trip Insurance is an important financial planning instrument but is not designed to provide immediate emergency services. Although some trip insurance programs claim to offer medical evacuations and repatriations, the benefits are written with extensive limits and are designed more for reimbursement than timely emergency action.