PEAK Fishing PRVLIRS-G2 Fly Tying Vise

PEAK Fishing PRVLIRS-G2 Fly Tying Vise

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Product Overview:

Featuring the new LIRS (Large Iron Retention System), this vise is designed for tying larger predatory fish fly patterns or any technique that requires extreme thread tension (i.e. hair spinning). Works for left or right handed tyers.

Product Description

PEAK's Large Iron Retention System (LIRS) is aimed at solving the problems faced when trying to tie on hooks with large wire diameters and long shanks, which often requires the use of heavy threads having high breaking strength. Materials (including Stainless Steel, Brass, Tool Steel, and Aircraft Aluminum) are chosen to last for a lifetime of tying.

The PRVLIRS hardened and tempered tool steel anvil/drawbar combination accepts hook wires up to .095" in diameter. All adjustments are designed to be accomplished with minimal effort. The rotation resistance adjustment screw provides infinite adjustment and is easily manipulated.

The large stable pedestal base (BAS-1 model) included with the PRVLIRS-G2 will hold this tool where you set it, and the non-marking feet protect the surface you set it on. The steel base is powder coated white for a surface that will last and provides a backdrop you can see your materials against. The base also includes an integrated hook/bead pocket with rounded edges for ease of removal, and our 3/8" accessory shaft mounting holes (accessory shaft not included). The BAS-1 base is designed to
accommodate the 3/8" vise riser shaft of the PRV series products.

Includes a Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship


The LIRS is a new concept in hook holding technology. Rather than clamping your hook between two parallel surfaces (the jaws of a conventional vise), the LIRS utilizes a drawbar to capture the bend of the hook and pull the hook into the tapered groove of the LIRS nest, where it is held securely. The LIRS system is ideal for larger wire sizes, longer hook shanks, and any application where additional holding power is required to offset maximum thread tension (such as spinning or stacking hollow hair).

Peak Fishing LIRS PRVLIRS-G2 Detail

Left: The drawbar and anvil with tapered groove.

Center: Slide your hook point through the drawbar slot and tighten the hand knob to secure the hook in the tapered groove of the anvil.

Right: Hook seated in the anvil's tapered groove with the hand knob snugged down. The angle of the LIRS head is adjustable so you can set up any hook shank to be horizontal while you tie.




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