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Crease Fly

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There are few flies that cover as many species as the Crease fly.  Originally designed for the rigors of saltwater fly fishing, the Crease fly started being applied to various fishing environments in both fresh and saltwater.  A must-have fly for any saltwater trip, and a good addition for targeting predatory freshwater species as well.
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Product Description

Color: Black Back, Blue Back, Fire Tiger, Olive Back, Silver

Size: 1/0, 3/0


After Clouser's Minnows, the Crease has become our most explosive selling saltwater — and fresh — pattern. It is simply a monster seller, and no competitors have tied any imitations remotely close to the quality of Umpqua. It has been around for quite awhile, languishing in obscurity until Joe met Umpqua…funny how that can sometimes happen that way. It can, it has and it will catch most saltwater species that will eat a fly. It also will fish freshwater for Pike, Bass (large and smallmouth), and for Midnight Browns…leave the feathered flies at home. Neutrally buoyant on fast sinking lines; a popper/slider on top. It alone is gaining a reputation for West Coast stripers rivaling the Gurgler. This pattern has been discovered. These two new colors are the result of discussion between Jim Watson (Umpqua QC Dept) and Joe Blados when they fished together, and subsequently Jim's trip to our fly factories where they designed these on the spot. These are both money flies, for nothing we have seen sparkles and dazzles in fly bins quite like Crease Flies…you can spot them from the front door.


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