Fishpond Confluence Fly Fishing Net Release

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The perfect accessory to keep your Nomad Net close and always at the ready.
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Product Description

A complete magnetic net release system with the quality and attention to detail you expect from Fishpond. The perfect accessory to keep your Nomad Net close and always at the ready.


  • 8lb magnet pull force
  • 12” coil expands to 96”
  • Rubber strap to attach to top or bottom of net
  • Designed for use on Nomad Hand and Native Nets but fits all models

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Confluence net release

Excellent, strong magnet, true to high Fishpond quality standards.

David Ritenour
Super strong

This works great crazy strong magnet with lots of length

Carlos Garcia
Love it!

This is a great net release. The best thing about it is the attachment point. The plastic loop makes it so its a little hard to put on but super flexible. You can loop it around just about anywhere on the net. The magnets are pretty standard. I wouldn't say they are any stronger or weaker than other brands. But I really like the color. They have the best nets in the business and the net release to match it. Same quality that you come to expect from Fishpond! Go get it.

Ido Kenigsztein
Really Useful, Takes a Second to Get Used To

This is another really useful tool that makes wading, walking, and landing fish (hopefully) much easier. The magnets have worked really well for me and have made it easy to store my net. The only reason it takes some getting used to is having something dangling on your back. It doesn't interrupt my casting or anything, but just as you move around so does the net. Otherwise, very durable and gets the job done!

Ryan Allred
Good, but wonder if the magnets could be a little stronger

I use this on a fishpond native net. I holds my net great and having seen a friend lose a net once without knowing because it wasn't attached, not sure I would fish without something like this. The only thing I struggle to get to reconnected. I seem to have to get the magnets just right. My previous setup like this seems to snap together once I got them close, but it was on a long bungy cord and I do like the coiled connection on this one better. That is why I feel maybe the magnets could be a little stronger.

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