Fishpond Nomad Mid-Length Net - Riverbed Camo

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The Fishpond Nomad Mid-length Net was built for the hardcore lumbar pack wearer who wanted a net with a little more length in the handle.
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Product Description

Nomad Nets are constructed with carbon fiber/fiberglass composite material. The result is a very lightweight and durable net. Nomad Nets are built for the conditions that prevail where great fishing exists; they are waterproof, UV protected, and float like a cork. All Nomad Nets come standard with a rubber bag.

Our Nomad Hand Net suited the vest-types, and the Guide Net got the pros' attention. The hardcore lumbar pack wearer, however, wanted a net with a little more length in the handle so they could stuff it between their pack and their back. The Mid-Length Nomad is it.


  • Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass composite
  • Waterproof/weatherproof & buoyant
  • Clear rubber net bag (Carbon colorway comes with black rubber net)
  • RiverKoat finish (Rubberized paint for the greatest grip when wet)


  • 37” Length
  • Weight with rubber bag: 453g or 1lb
  • 13”W x 18”L Head
  • Bag depth of 12

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Fisher Ankney
Nice Net

fits in the switchback pro net holder very well, even works with a backpack on. Backpack just pushes the handle to the side. Easy to retrieve when it's on your back, I like the extended reach too.

Corey Ward
Nomad Net

Awesome quality net - obviously on the pricey side, but worth the money. The extra length handle is nice for the extra reach in tight situations.

Javier Perez
Great net for chunks!

Bought this net after I realized the places I was fishing was needed for a longer bigger net, it’s comfortable and light to carry around in my lumbar pack, the measuring tool on the net is great, the riverbed camo color looks amazing, great net especially when you’re not fishing with a buddy and need that little bit of length to bet that fish, overall amazing and worth the money

Ethan Springer
Goldilocks net

Not too big, not too small, juuuuust right.

The mid length nomad is a great setup for all my Colorado fishing needs. I pair it on hikes with my backpack/chest pack combo or on quick trips upstream with my paired down lumbar pack and it works with both rigs. I still haven’t met a fish that fully spills over the edges of the net that would warrant me needing a larger basket and that way I don’t look like an old satellite dish in your back yard while on the water.

From a technical perspective the measuring marks on the handle are a great touch, the coating on the handle offers good grip and adding the rubber butt makes it a great wading tool as well as a landing net.

Obviously it costs quite a bit so if you are the type to leave stuff behind, keep it on a leash or tell me where you fish so I can add a backup to mine.

Worth It!

I agree with Floyd that it must be said that this net is expensive.

If I lost it on the water, I’d immediately buy another one. It is a high-quality, lightweight and durable piece of fishing equipment. The long handle offers an excellent reach and can handle heavy fish. The net itself can be replaced and there is a manufactured hole to attach a lanyard, making it incredibly versatile. Fishpond produces equipment that are worth the investment, every time.

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