Fishpond Tacky Daypack Fly Box

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Organize your flies by hatch, river, or season in one small package with the Tacky Daypack
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Product Description

Organize your flies by hatch, river, or season in one small package with the Tacky Day Pack. With room for 180 flies, our bi-directional slit design proves that sometimes big things do come in small packages. Headed out for a two hour twilight session after work? Grab the Day Pack and go.


  • Holds up to 180 flies
  • Original patented silicone anchoring technology
  • Withstands extreme temperature range
  • High visibility lid
  • Strong, latchless magnetic closure
  • Durable and tested for long-lasting strength
  • Recycled polycarbonate box
  • Patented design


  • 5” x 3.125” x .75”
  • Flies not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carlos Garcia
Perfect Box

I love tacky boxes but this is THE one. It's the perfect size for a day trip. If you feel like you need a bigger one, you need to rethink your plan for fishing the water. And still has that clear cover that allows you to look at your flies and make a selection prior to opening. But the silicone is what sets it apart from the other boxes in my opinion. My have suffered through three heavy fishing seasons and never been swapped out. It's the perfect fly box.

Ido Kenigsztein
Great quality box

This fly box has been great and easy to use. The magnetic corners allow it to snap shut so I am yet to lose any flies. It holds plenty of flies, and is perfect for a more minimal, light set up and the clear cover lets you browse your flies without the worry of dropping any.

Brendan Farrell
The Quality You Expect In A Smaller Package

These little tacky boxes are the same great quality you'd expect from a larger one in a smaller convenient package. I have 2 of these loaded with nymphs and dries for short, quick trips to the creek. They can easily be slipped into a pants pocket for ease and convenience.

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Andrew Norris
Perfect Daypack Fly Box

I bring this fly box when I am making a quick trip or a trip with less gear. The clear lid is great if you have multiple so you can easily tell which box to grab.

Alex D.
Great size fly box

I've only had this fly box for one season, but so far it's been great. I was a bit of a late adopter in making the transition from foam to rubber/silicone fly boxes, but I'm now a convert. They hold flies good and sturdy and look good doing it. Magnetic closure is secure.

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