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Simms Gore-Tex Repair Kit

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Leaky waders? Patch them up with the Simms Gore-Tex Repair Kit and stay dry.
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Product Description

Turn your waders inside out and locate where you believe the leak may be. Get a spray bottle and fill with rubbing alcohol. Liberally spray the suspected area(s) with a fine mist of the rubbing alcohol. Wait a minute. Any leak, scratch, tear will appear as a blueish/purple spot(s). Mark with a Sharpie Marker and let the area completely dry. Apply Aquaseal to pin holes, "scratches" and let dry over night. If you suspect a more significant tear, you can liberally apply the Aquaseal over the tear. Place patch over tear/Aquaseal and add additional Aquaseal to the perimeter of the patch. Let dry over night. If you suspect a leak in the neoprene bootie or on any seam, we HIGHLY recommend bringing them in and we'll send them back to Simms on your behalf.


Kit includes one 2" x 4" rectangular patch 1/4 ounce tube of AquaSeal® Do you know how to find a leak in your pair of GORE-TEX Simms Waders: Check out Simms Fishing Products site for additional help and information:


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