Hatch Finatic Gen 2 Limited Edition Gold/Black Reel

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Hatch Finatic Generation 2 Reels are on there way! Now is your chance to be one of the first to get your hands on them! Hatch Pre-Released a very limited run of Generation 2 Finatics in a Gold / Black finish! Don't miss out on this opportunity. 



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Product Description

Hatch Finatic Generation 2 Reels are on there way! Now is your chance to be one of the first to get your hands on them! Hatch Pre-Released a very limited run of Generation 2 Finatics in a Gold / Blue Finish! Don't Miss Out on this Opportunity.

The NEW Generation 2 Finatic fly reel – an evolutionary update from our original tried and true Finatic. Consistent with our uncompromising commitment to premium quality, there have been several significant performance improvements and aesthetic enhancements including: new 9 Window frame design, non-reflective mist finish, non stick cranks, concave frame design for additional weight relief, and teflon lip seals and sealed bearings that add a whole new level of protection against the elements. Learn more about the new Finatic Gen 2 Design Features .

We have created a special Finatic Gen 2 Gold series available for a limited time at select Hatch Authorized Dealers. We will be offering the 3 Plus through the 11 Plus Finatic Gen 2 in Gold with black paint fill. These reels will be offered in the Large Arbor configuration only. No extra spools available. Contact the dealers below to purchase one of these custom finished reels today!


  • NEW MIST FINISH For 2018 we’re incorporating a mist finish on our entire line up of reels. Misting creates smoother edges and provides for a more consistent non-reflective finish throughout. Plus it looks pretty damn cool!
  • NEW CRANKS & COUNTERBALANCE The Gen 2 Finatic incorporates an Ultraflon sleeve that covers the aluminum shaft and separates it from the aluminum crank handle. By doing this we’ve eliminated the chance for galvanic corrosion, so your crank will spin effortlessly for years to come.
  • NEW FRAME FEATURES You might have noticed from the photos we’ve gone from 7 windows in the Gen 1 Finatic to 9 windows in the Gen 2. What you probably didn’t notice is that we’ve created a concave surface inside of the frame as well. By adding two extra arms in the frame it allows us to eliminate unnecessary weight through this feature, thereby making the reel lighter without sacrificing any strength.
  • NEW LIP SEALS + BEARINGS Over the past few years we’ve seen some big changes in fly fishing. Specifically, the amount of time anglers spend in the water in pursuit of fish. It’s an exciting time for sure, and it’s forced us to reimagine how our reels are sealed in extreme environments. For 2018 we’ve added lip seals and sealed bearings to all our reels as a one two punch to protect against the elements and add a whole new level of water protection.
  • FRAME SPOOL CONNECTION Creating a bomb proof frame to spool connection is essential for maintaining strength, and true-spin consistency.
  • MACHINED REEL SEAT It’s our signature and we’re sticking to it. A solid is always stronger than two parts attached by screws. By doing this it eliminates the common problem of screws rotting from corrosion and becoming loose.
  • HOOK GUARD Keep those hooks tucked into the arbor of the reel and out of the way of your hands
  • MULTI-DISC DRAG A cassette comprised of Rulon® and precision stamped stainless steel discs is employed in all models. With multi-disc drag, you are applying breaking pressure and heat dispersion over several surfaces, virtually eliminating start up inertia and stick slip problems


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