Hatch Professional Series Shock Tippet

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Needed on those heavy-weight hard fighting species, Hatch Professional Series Shock Tippet will get the job done right.
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Product Description

Hatch Professional Series Saltwater Shock Tippet is manufactured in Japan using the highest grade of fluorocarbon available. Our Shock Tippet has a consistent diameter, varying less than half the width of a human hair! With advanced abrasion resistance, our Shock Tippet is safe to use for all big game species. The superior strength, low memory, soft texture, and durability of our Fluorocarbon Shock Tippet makes it the ultimate choice for your big game leaders. Available in 25m spools only.


  • Premium Manufacturing - Hatch Shock Tippet is manufactured in Japan to exacting tolerances.Using the best grade of fluorocarbon available, we can confidently say our Shock Tippet will perform to the highest standard.
  • Size – All Shock Tippet is available in 25m spools and 40lb, 50lb, 60lb, and 80lb.
  • Consistent Diameter - Our Shock Tippet is extruded to exacting dimensions through a proprietaryprocess. Our testing shows the diameter varies with a factor of +/- .0001”, that’s less than half thewidth of a human hair! 2015 Lines, Leader,Tippet Selling Points 3
  • Superior Strength – The strength of our Shock Tippet is accurate due to it’s consistent diameter.The abrasion resistance of our Shock is unparalleled and key to landing more fish. Even with flies hooked deep in the mouth, expect ultimate performance from our Shock Tippet.
  • Low Memory – Off the spool, our Shock Tippet stretches out to a straight connection to the fly. Give it a 3 second stretch and it will lay out smoothly.
  • Texture – Hatch Shock Tippet is soft for secure knot setting.
  • Durable – Impervious to UV and chemicals, non-absorbent, high-density, and unaffected by changing temperatures.

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