Hatch Tropical Floating Line

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Our Floating Tropical Fly Line is manufactured by BVG-Airflo to our specific design. We’ve created a simple, all-purpose taper that any fly angler will enjoy casting. 

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Product Description

If you get confused when trying to choose a fly line, you’re not alone. Even the most seasoned fly angler can be perplexed by the variety of tapers, coatings, specific usages and the ridiculous abuse of acronyms. Like our Premium Braided Backing, we’ve simplified the world of fly lines.

Our Floating Tropical Fly Line is manufactured by BVG-Airflo to our specific design. We’ve created a simple, all purpose taper that any fly angler will enjoy casting. Our lines cast their specific weight class with ease, eliminating the need for species specific lines. Simply purchase the appropriate line weight for your fly outfit and use in any tropical location. Keep it Simple.


  • Premium manufacturing and materials - Manufactured by BVG Airflo with Ridge, Poly-FuseXT dual
  • layer coating, Power Core, and Super Dri Technology.
  • Ridge Technology – Ridge fly lines reduce friction along the entire length of the line with linear
  • grooves. The concept is simple, less surface area equals less friction during the cast. The Ridge
  • design also helps the line gather untangled on the bow for easy shooting.
  • PolyFuse XT – A proprietary dual coating process lays down a base layer of extremely supple
  • polymer at the core of the line that will not crack over time. Over the polymer goes a tough outer
  • layer that is very slick and durable. Airflo uses a proprietary polyurethane blend that contains no
  • liquid; take liquid out of the equation and you remove the cracking and coating breakdown that often
  • occurs with fly lines after only one season.
  • Power Core – All Hatch floating lines have a 6% low stretch braided Power Core rated at 28 lbs for
  • WF7F-WF9F and 40 lbs for WF10F-WF12F. Using braided core over Mono helps keep Hatch lines
  • supple in a wide range of climates and water temperatures. Additionally, reduced stretch keeps the
  • angler in close touch with the fly for positive hook setting control.
  • Super Dri – A permanent additive to the proprietary polyurethane coating of Hatch fly lines, Super
  • Dri will not wear off the fly line polymer coating. Using hydrophobic materials to create a low density
  • taper, Hatch floating lines are designed to float higher and longer than any other on the market.
  • 100% PVC Free – All Hatch Lines are 100 % PVC free insuring reliable, memory free performance
  • even after baking on the bow in your favorite tropical location!
  • Easy Casting – We created specific tapers using 38’ heads to make sure our lines casted easily for
  • anyone, no steep learning curves here! Our floating lines are all purpose with gradual tapers for
  • smooth casting and easy presentations.
  • Simple Line Range – We have 6 floating line sizes. With all purpose saltwater tapers, each line size
  • is designed to work well for any tropical species. In other words, our WF8F is great for Bonefish,
  • Redfish, Spotted Seatrout and anything else you want to throw at with an 8 wt. line.
  • Natural Colors - Our multicolored lines are easy for the angler to see but blend naturally in a flats
  • fishing environment. Sand colored running line transitions to a turtle grass head on all floating Hatch
  • lines.


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