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Rising 90' Tweezers

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 Tweezers that work perfectly, and not surprisingly work well for multiple fly tying and streamside applications.

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Product Description

Rising flared and slignthly indented the metal area where your thumb sits and made it easier for you to control the ends of the tweezer. This benefit is augmented by the precise magnetic tips and the rubber coating that keeps your fingers in place and comfortable.

First it was nippas, then the hook file, now we are bringing our innovative style to the tweezer. Why? Well for the last couple of years we have been using the early prototype versions of the tweezers you see here when we assemble our Lippa4Life. There is a small compression spring that goes into each L4L, and placing them with the existing models was a tedious pain. We modified a few with a real 90' angle, and then kept adding bondo onto the thin handles until we had a proper thumb control platform. The end result was tweezers that worked perfectly, and not surprisingly worked well for multiple fly tying and stream side applications.


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